Oh yeah John?! with roman sin – the hague

Which song can be played at your funeral?
(Laughs) One thing immediately came to my mind, but it’s so wrong: ‘Bed of Roses’ bon jovi, Also the song ‘Dynamite’ mothertruckers I think it’s fair, but also ‘come a little closer’ willy devil, I don’t have a specific song in mind, but these three songs come close. I’m not very picky, so I’m always a little nervous when you ask me to set something up. People my father’s age like many of the things I like, but people over twenty don’t think the same things are as good as country. Otherwise, it works as is. For example, I recently the tumbles booked out; One ManiacBands like I think it’s good too.

What have you been listening to for the past few days?
Everything from Popronde for the moment, as I’m working on that for programming too. One name definitely stands out: Femme Fugazi. They only have 1 single out, but I’m such a creature of habit that I can listen to it 50 times in a row. If it’s up to me, they’ll be playing at Zwarte Ruiter during the upcoming Popronde.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
jerod neiman
, brad paisley And dwight yoakamPure Country. About hillbillies, beer, guitars, and trucks. Great nostalgic stuff. I know this through my father: Guido Sin. my father played too cute for the room and now in departure for nashville With whom he now tours the theater with covers of the country.

How many tattoos and/or piercings do you have?
Earrings Including: 16 Piercings. and tattoos: about 15. I’m getting a backpiece done from my neck down later this year. It will be a big geometric pattern with only lines. I can’t wait.

What is the first record you ever bought or received?
The first record was from Sesame Street. It was about environmental pollution. I don’t know exactly how the songs were, but it was great nonetheless (laughs). but the first real music record was willy devil, It is very nostalgic for me as I always used to listen to it in the car with my father. I didn’t actually get the picture, but I was allowed to take it with me to show the rest of the class. then i’m the one Lady GagaThe duration of vaporization through the metal.

Which band should be silenced forever?
You can’t say that, can you say that? Can’t say the same as a music lover. There are many people who have strong opinions about music, but it just has to be made. That’s why I think this is really just a dumb question, sorry. Why don’t you ask what is my biggest dream?

Fair enough. what is your biggest dream?
I would love to set up my own festival with Blooming Music Events. little as Cadrock; Not a 56 stage festival like Sziget, but a festival where every band can get full attention. And in the short term I’d like to book bands with Parade. I have already sent job applications there. I’m now a sweet girl at the parade every summer and travel with the club. But I really think that music should be renewed because now it’s always the same bands.

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