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Black Mirror is a so-called anthology series, with each episode standing on its own. But which one should you really be watching? Which one is better to leave?

1. Come Right Back (S02E01)
Martha (Hayley Atwell, officer carter) is heartbroken when her boyfriend Ash (Domhnall Gleeson) dies suddenly. But what if he could survive through social media? A short but very sweet drama about heartbreak, whose bitter ending will leave you upset.

2. Nose Dive (S03E01)
In a world where everything revolves around your social media status, career woman Lacey (Bryce Dallas Howard, jurassic world) through deep (very deep) valleys to top valuation. A powerful satire with a glimmer of hope.

3. National Anthem (S01E01)
A beloved British princess has been kidnapped and only the Prime Minister (Rory Kinnear, men) Have sex with a pig on live TV and save it. With a pitch like that, it’s a miracle this pilot was ever made, but showrunner Charlie Brooker delivers on all the promise. Best quote: ‘Take it easy. ‘Haste can be confused with enthusiasm.’

4. USS Callister (S04E02)
where like series Star Trek: Discovery And orville often blinded by that vast legacy star trek hot, late black Mirror See it can also be done in a different way. USS Callister is a great ode to the old space opera and a gripping and dark drama with an unexpected twist. With a strong performance from Jesse Plemons (as Matt Damon’s grumpy little brother) and a starring role from Kristin Milotti (Palm Springs,


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5. Your Entire History (S01E03)
An internal hard drive records everything you watch. Great for witness statements, less great for your relationship. your entire history Is black Mirror In short: no matter how useful, fun or well-intentioned, the combination of people and technology is going to lead to problems.

6. White Bear (S02E02)
To say that the worldview of Brooker and his cohorts is cynical is an exaggeration, but nowhere are they more brutal than in White Bear, where a young woman wakes up in a world where 90 percent of humanity has been brainwashed and The rest have been made victims. An episode that makes you think and you will never want to watch it again.

7. Joan is Terrible (S0601)
For black Mirror No house is sacred. So the opening episode of Season 6 — the Netflix exclusive — is a completely veiled indictment of on-demand providers like Netflix. The Quiet Life of Joan (Annie Murphy) schitt’s creek) is unwittingly used as the inspiration for a new TV drama starring Salma Hayek. Hilarious and highly pungent, culminating in a dirty swearing session by Hayek as Hayek (‘Does my ass have no rights?!?’).

8.Archangel (S04E01)
Sometimes the simplest principles work best. B. Right Back Ask Yourself The Question: What If You Could Bring Your Dead Loved One Back To Life? In Archangel, a single mother (Rosemary DeWitt) is faced with an ethical dilemma: what if you had a device that allowed you to keep tabs on your child at all times? Directed by Jodie Foster.


9. White Christmas (Christmas Special)
Two men (Jon Hamm, Rafe Spall) are trapped together in a snow-covered cabin. But why? This most depressing Christmas special ever is filled with interesting ideas (impersonating yourself as a domestic slave, being able to block someone on Facebook and in real life), but maybe a little too much.

10. Hate the Nation (S03E06)
Detective Parke (Kelly MacDonald, Brave) discovers a sinister connection between several mysterious murders and the “hate” the victims received on social media. It acts as a solid deterrent and deterrent against anonymous hate speech. Bloodhound Jodi MacDonald And Faye Marse (game of Thrones) we would like to see more often.

11. Monster 79 (S0605)
demon goes with 79 black Mirror More on the Classic Horror Tour. A sneaky shoe salesman (Anjana Vasan, we are the female part) accidentally summons a demon (Papa Essidu), who orders him to kill three people within three days or else the world will end. Fixed black Mirror The elements – technology + people = not a good idea – are missing, but the coming apocalypse fits right up Charlie Brooker’s alley.

12. Fifteen Million Merits (S01E02)
In the distant future, everything is paid for (and determined) by “merits”, virtual money that can be exchanged for porn, food, and a talent show audition. An employee revolts, but in the end there are no winners, only losers. The most futuristic entry in the series, yet uncomfortably close to your bed. with an opening role for Daniel Kaluuya (Go,

13. Smithereens (S0502)
In a mediocre fifth season, Smithereens is the main bright spot (in terms of quality, i.e. not in terms of optimism). This is mainly due to both the intense and understated performance of Andrew Scott (flea bag, sherlock) as a man with nothing left to lose. The reason is heartwarming — and sadly, it’s downright timely.


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14. Loch Henry (S06E02)
When a film student takes his girlfriend to his Scottish hometown, he gets a brilliant idea: why not make a true crime documentary about the eccentric neighbor who kidnapped and murdered tourists? A black Mirror as we like black Mirror Expect: With an unexpected twist and a whimsical ending.

15. Hang Dj (S04E04)
Looking for that rare Black Mirror episode with an optimistic message? Then you’ve come to the right place at Hang the DJ and San Junipero (see below). A slight sarcastic touch (advanced dating apps leave no stone unturned on the candidates’ own initiative and thinking) gives Hang the DJ a bit more edginess.

16. San Junipero (S03E04)
Two young women meet at a discotheque in idyllic San Junipero, where every weekend is a different decade, but where you have to be home by twelve. From actors to set designers everyone is having fun. The rare happy ending feels rushed.

17. Crocodile (S04E03)
as director John Hillcoat (Way, request) If Patricia Highsmith’s book ever gets filmed, it’s probably going to look like this. Mia (Andrea Riseborough) makes a fateful decision in her early years. From that moment on, a fatal outcome is certain.

18. Beyond the Sea (S06E03)
No good deed goes unpunished in the retrofuturistic Beyond the Sea. Astronaut David (Josh Hartnett, oppenheimer) and Cliff (Aaron Paul, breaking bad) can temporarily upload his consciousness onto an artificial clone on Earth during his travels. When David’s clone goes down, Cliff offers to him. black Mirror In its most nihilistic form.

19. Striking Viper (S05E01)
old college friend Danny (Anthony Mackie, the avengers) and Karl (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, candy Man) Break the daily hassle by playing a revolutionary new computer game in which feel like they are actually the characters themselves. Striking Vipers begins with intriguing questions about (sexual) identity, but the answers seem uninteresting.


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20. Men Against Fire (S03E05)
In the near future, soldiers like Stripe will face a formidable foe. But is the enemy really as scary as you think? Of course, no series about dystopian visions of the future is complete without an episode featuring Third Reich motifs. Unfortunately, you can see this twist coming from afar.

21. Metal Head (S04E05)
gloomy atmosphere? check! A ruthless killer robot (a mix between Terminator and Robodog)? check! An aspiring actress and an infallible director? Check, check, double check! Sorry about the bad story.

22. Shut Up and Dance (S03E03)
a socially awkward boy (Alex Lawther, end of the f***ing world) are blackmailed with objectionable images and made to carry out the most gruesome tasks. white bear light,

23. Playtest (S03E02)
Young backpacker Cooper (Wyatt Russell, son of Kurt) takes part in a mock test of a new horror game in which your own mind is your worst enemy. Neither the sympathetic protagonist nor the episode itself makes it through the trial phase.

24. The Waldo Moment (S02E03)
one of the few episodes of black Mirrorseries you can actually drop into with confidence, even though this cynical vision of the future – in a post-President Trump world – proved too predictable in retrospect. A mouthy virtual bear named Waldo is participating in the election. His lewd jokes are popular. *yawn*

25. Black Museum (S04E06)
Even the presence of Letitia Wright (black Panther) Can’t save this episode. The idea of ​​a museum filled with relics from previous episodes is nice, but the three short stories that round out the episode seem straight out of the bin for discarded material from previous episodes. black Mirror brainstorming session.


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26. Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too (S05E03)
In Spontaneous Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, Brooker appears to be targeting a younger audience. A mistake he – fortunately – won’t make again. Lonely teenager Rachel (Angourie Rice, Mary of Easttown) receives from her father an Ashley Too, an ever-happy robot doll who voices and sings exactly like her idol Ashley O (Miley Cyrus). When the real Ashley gets into trouble, Ashley Too launches a rescue mission. a straight forward black Mirror Without any surprises or sharp edges, but with a car with fluffy dog ​​ears.

27. Maze Day (S06E02)
When a large sum of money is promised for the first fresh photograph of missing movie star Mazzy Dey, a frustrated paparazzi photographer (Zazie Beets, atlanta) to raise your camera again. As in Damon 79, Brooker opts for traditional horror rather than the usual technodystopia, but here the plot gets no further than a half-developed idea – what if Mazie Day actually has a good reason to retreat. ? – and the fact that the word ‘shoot’ in the sentence ‘shoot me’ can be interpreted in two ways.

Black Mirror S01 to S06, all on Netflix.

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