Young Bruges resident earns 800 euros a day selling drugs, but is now on trial (Bruges)

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A 25-year-old man from Bruges and his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend were prosecuted on Thursday morning on charges of possessing and selling drugs. The facts came to light after two successful searches in which a lot of cash and drugs were found in a garage. The 25-year-old sold the drugs to ten customers every day, earning around 700 to 800 euros per day.

At the end of last year, Bruges police carried out several patrols at the KSA premises in the Guido Gazellequartier in Bruges following alleged drug dealings in the area. 25-year-old WB, who lived in Bruges center with his 23-year-old girlfriend CV, thus became a target of the agents. The youth had set up a sizeable business and procured not less than 200 grams of ketamine as well as 200 grams of hashish per month. Apart from this, 200 to 300 pills were bought monthly and half a kilo of ganja was bought per week.

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The 25-year-old from Bruges had no legal source of income but was able to buy the latest PlayStation and a Louis Vuitton handbag. Notable according to the prosecutor who also wants to emphasize the stake of the 23-year-old ex-girlfriend. The lawyer said sarcastically, “I’ll ask myself questions about it.” CV continued to claim no knowledge of the drug sales, although he said he had suspicions. “My client asked WB to rent only 300 Euros per month, as he could not afford more. If you can accuse him of anything, it’s that he’s inexperienced,” says his lawyer.


WB was arrested after a second house was searched. The youth has been in jail since October last year on suspicion of possessing and selling drugs. The ex-girlfriend is only accused of possession of drugs. The defense asked the girl to implement community service. Her attorney said, “She’ll do what she’s always done and defendants don’t: work.” WB has already been convicted in 2019, but the young man is still hoping for a lesser sentence. “I hope I will get a third chance to prove myself,” said the young man.

The court will pronounce its verdict on June 29.


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