Antwerp Lauren (27) was surprised on her birthday by Harry Styles, who congratulated her in a big way and flirted with her: “Harry has got an even bigger place in my heart” (Antwerp)

With a ‘It’s my birthday’ message written under her arm, Lauren from Antwerp accompanied a good friend to British pop star Harry Styles’ performance, which was his birthday, on Saturday evening. love on tourThe concert series descended on the hallowed grass along Hachtessteinweg in Werchter. Along with nearly 60,000 other ecstatic fans, they enjoyed the swinging hits of the former in the same directionas a member love you, watermelon sugar And as it was,There are worse ways to spend your birthday.

“My Frank still hasn’t completely dropped,” sighs Lauren, a year-old on the other side of the line. When we call her, she still seems a little overwhelmed by what happened to her yesterday. “I really don’t understand what really happened. It’s really crazy”, Kroes reacts with his head in the clouds.

quiche Lorraine

Lauren is able to attend the concert thanks to one of her best friends, Xena. “She’s my Harry Styles friend, we try to go there as often as possible. We reached the venue around 1:30 pm to attend, so we were sure to get a good spot”, she says, adding that she is a complete person. as hard UK fan. The Antwerp office manager is a ‘styler’ from the start. “I’ve been following him since in the same directionThe period and the love for it continues to grow.

Since the women managed to get through the crowd and set themselves up a few rows from the stage, they decided to take a chance and held their paper plates over their heads in the hopes that the singer would read their message. Will happen. “I thought: i’ll take my shotyou never know.”

And suddenly that moment came. “It was absolutely insane. i have half black out of our conversation. Later I had to watch the video again on social media to find out what he had said again,” the 27-year-old squeezed his hand again in disbelief. “But despite the fact that I was so upset that Harry Styles spoke to me in person, I just stayed me. He asked me what my name was, which he pronounced completely wrong. He made a queer Lorraine out of it. (laughs out loud) “But it doesn’t matter to me, because yeah: it’s Harry Styles. He can’t do anything wrong.

To flirt

“One time he wanted to know what I wanted for my 27th birthday. Then I had to think a lot for a while,” she recalls. “I certainly didn’t want to give any boring answers. A girl standing right in front of me joked that I should answer ‘you’. I thought, ‘Let’s go!’, and I pointed at her and winked. my friend thought so Irritable To hear the flirtatious banter”, laughs Lauren. “But yeah, it’s Harry Styles, isn’t it? I let it all happen because you only experience something like this once in your life. Harry has an even bigger place in my heart after yesterday.”

While Lauren is still reeling from her magical conversation with the British superstar, she’s already dreaming of another performance. “That’s for sure. If he’s in Belgium again, I’ll definitely be there again.”

And if he has any other message for her? “It’s ‘Remember Me?’ Be something along the lines of. Be, I guess”, says an overjoyed Lauren whose birthday couldn’t be any more wrong.

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