5 hidden gems on Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+ that you must watch

You constantly hear from streaming services what the latest and most watched movies and series are, but unfortunately the best recommendations sometimes disappear from your radar. What top quality titles could you never find on Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+? you will find in this article 5 Hidden Gems Coming to Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+ in Week 26 of 2023 (26 June to 2 July 2023) with story and trailer.

5x Hidden Gems: Movies & Series You Really Should Be Watching on Netflix, HBO Max & Disney+ (Week 26 of 2023)

5. The Chevalier (Film, 2023) – Disney+

like costume drama fans bridgerton, Small Industries Service Institute And Downton Abbey, then you can Rajput Don’t miss Disney+ either. This true story takes us back in time to the 18th century, where we step into the life of Chevalier Joseph Boulogne of Saint-Georges. Born the illegitimate son of an African slave and a French plantation owner, he eventually managed to enter the French aristocracy thanks to his musical talent. However, there they had a violent affair and even quarreled with Marie Antoinette. You can see how it all went down in this acclaimed film.

4. Girls 5 Ava (Series, Season 2) – Netflix

The girl group Girls5ava had one hit after another in the nineties, but by now everyone has forgotten them. When one of their songs is sampled by a famous rapper and they suddenly gain popularity again, they decide to revive their music career. One of the leading roles is that of singer Sara Bareilles and more white ChicksActress Busy Phillips, Emily in Parisstar ashley park and hamiltonActress Renee Elise Goldsberry.

3. Ballers (Series, Season 5) – HBO Max

in the series ballers We follow Spencer Strasmore, the financial manager of a football club in America. The lead role is played by Dwayne Johnson and he is assisted by many other great actors including John David Washington.Principle), Rob Corddry (warm bodies) and Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, It will be a celebration of recognition. The audience is very happy with this series and with five seasons you can go on for a while. Ideal if you were looking for a highly-watchable series.

2. Plan B (Film, 2021) – Disney+

Mix book smart, never have I ever And not pregnant and you will get delicious comedy plan b, Girlfriends Lupe and Sunny throw a lavish party where one of them ends up in bed with a classmate. Since the condom was accidentally left in place, they have to find the morning-after pill (also known as Plan B in the US) and this is a difficult task. Many viewers mention this “One of the funniest teen movies they’ve ever seen”So that’s a good sign!

1. Magic Mike’s Last Dance (Film, 2023) – HBO Max

Did you know that the latest installment of the Magic Mike franchise recently arrived on HBO Max? For the last time, Channing Tatum shakes his hips as Magic Mike in the trilogy finale, magic mike’s last dance, Mike has actually finished dressing up and prepares for a job as a bartender when he is approached by wealthy Maxandra Mendoza. He dedicates his last dance to her, but she is so infatuated with him that she takes him to London. There they have to direct a strip show together.

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You can also find the entire Netflix range, HBO Max range and Disney+ range on StreamVisor. In the tables you will find which movies and series can be watched per streaming service in the Netherlands at the moment.

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