Dueling Knights, Young Devils, and One of the Scariest Movies Ever

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‘The Last Duel’

historical drama with Matt Damon As a French knight who is told by his wife that he is her chieftain and best friend (adam driver) raped her. With pain in his heart he challenges the man to a duel to the death. Damon co-wrote the script with his real-life best friend ben affleck, Their first joint pen fruit after ‘Good Will Hunting’.

8:25 pm on VTM 2

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When ‘Hereditary’ screened in our cinemas in 2018, an emergency number was set up and extra staff deployed to accommodate all the anxious moviegoers. originated in america Ari Astor Because it spread panic. However, the ‘hereditary’ lazy ‘boo!’ Not your typical horror movie with moments. No, this is a psychological family drama that gets under your skin before taking you to hell. VTM 3 dares to telecast this disturbing masterpiece. No emergency number this time. good mood!

10:45 pm on VTM 3

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‘Focus: Sick after Corona’

A two-part documentary about pulmonary covid, complaints that sometimes persist for months after a corona infection. Apart from a patient who lost his job due to the disease and had to go to the food bank, the makers also spoke to a pulmonologist, who deals with complaints of people with Covid of the lungs.

at 8:11 pm on NPO 2

‘European Football U21’

Commentator steve vignants Been practicing the pronunciation of ‘Boris Pajtsjadjestadion’ for days, as it is possible for him and the Belgium U21 team there. In the second group match of the European Championship charles de kettelier And his friend is the host country, Georgia, who likes to stunt against Belgium.

on canvas at 5:35 pm

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‘the call of the Wild’

Harrison Ford befriended a sled dog in the Canadian wilderness Buck Against the backdrop of a fierce gold rush. for the adventure novel of jack london since 1903, with a guest star umar say (“Lupin”).

9:45 pm on VTM

‘EC Basketball’

Afterwards Emma Mainmanis unique triple double In the quarterfinals against Serbia, the Belgian Cats have one more obstacle on their way to the final: France. If Meissmann and Heyer continue to play like in previous matches, it won’t take long for the French to be reduced to breadcrumbs and boursin.

on canvas at 8:30 pm

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