Lana Del Rey being late caused Guns N’ Roses disappointment and technical problems: Glastonbury was in complete chaos. music

musicThe exodus hasn’t gone smoothly in Werchter in recent weeks, but British festival Glastonbury also had to contend with various problems this weekend. For example, during the Guns N’ Roses performance, some technical problems cropped up. American singer Lana Del Rey, herself late, was furious when her microphone was turned off after it was revealed that she did not intend to respect the agreed final time.

Look Chaos all around at Glastonbury Music Festival: Lewis Capaldi lost his voice and Lana Del Rey was forced to stop singing

There was a lot to rave about for Lana Del Rey, 38,’s performance. Typically, American artists were required to begin their sets at 10:30 pm (local time). Finally, the “Summertime Sadness” singer began her performance at 11 p.m. Lana’s fans weren’t happy about the delay: many attendees got tired of waiting and gave up. Once the singer took the stage, she was criticized by some of the festival goers.

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The fact that Lana Del Rey was late brought other problems as well. In the end, the American only had one hour to finish his show. The singer told the audience, “We have to hurry because I’m late.” “But if they cut off the power, I’ll keep going.” Around midnight, the singer was right, because suddenly her microphone stopped working. something that again provoked many angry reactions. Some people present here and there started crying. Some of the other revelers decided to jeer Del Rey again. One angry fan told The Mirror, “It was really a joke.” “She was one of the headliners, but because she came too late, her performance was ruined.”

However, Lana herself did not intend to accept the decision of the organizers. The American refused to stop singing. As a result, some of the staff escorted him off stage. In an attempt to make amends, Lana moved in with some fans.

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And the Guns N’ Roses performance was not without problems. The American rockers had some problems with the sound, with frontman Axl Rose being barely heard. something that Rose herself hasn’t given up on. At one point during the show, it felt like, “I can’t walk away from the stage any longer.” “If I walk any further, I won’t be able to hear the band.” According to some attendees, the Guns N’ Roses frontman could be heard a little better in the latter. However the sound of the instruments was still very loud.

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On the other hand, Lewis Capaldi’s performance was noted to have vocal problems, with the Scottish singer suggesting that he may need to take another break. Capaldi apologized to the public several times. “I’m really sorry. I’m a little pissed off at myself. You’re all here and my voice is slurring.” By the end of his performance, Capaldi’s voice was barely audible. On his hit “Someone You Love”, the audience focused mostly on the lyrics, while Capaldi remained largely silent.

During Lizzo’s performance, things went wrong for a completely different reason. Panic ensued when a fan suddenly fainted. An eyewitness told The Mirror, “It was very scary.” “I was watching Lizzo when I suddenly heard a loud bang. When I turned back, I saw a man lying on the floor. She continues: “After a while the man opened his eyes again. He watched the rest of the concert, but he sat on the floor the whole time.” Some festival staff investigated the man, but luckily there were no serious disturbances.

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It was not a good evening for Arctic Monkeys fans either. According to many in attendance, the band had “slowed down” several songs. One audience member said, “I refuse to believe that people enjoy seeing arctic monkeys live like this.” “It seemed like they were singing out of rhythm all the time. They were just slow and lazy. His songs are great, but he didn’t have much left on stage.” Someone else said this: “There’s nothing wrong with slow songs, but you can’t play ‘Ru Mine’ slow.” It’s not made for this and the fans don’t like it.” And like with American singer Lizzo, something went wrong in the audience. When it was discovered that one of the festival goers was unwell, the Arctic Monkeys decided to postpone its performance for the time being.

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last but not least There was also a lot to do around the performance of the lesser-known Billy Nomets. The British singer received a lot of criticism for her performance following her performance. In return, Nomets demanded that footage of his show be removed from the BBC’s online platforms. The artist also announced that she plans to stop singing after the final performance of her summer tour.

In a statement, the artist said: “The level of personal abuse on BBC social media is absolutely insane.” She adds: “I have asked for all images to be removed. I know my music is not for everyone. Nomets also said that she knows there are many music lovers out there who don’t judge her. “But the amount of criticism is just about it. There will be no more shows after this summer.

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