Secretary of State: Number of buses ‘very limited’ during ProRail failure

Viviane Heijnen, Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Water Management, has informed the House about the limited bus deployment during the breakdown at the traffic control post. The disruption caused a complete halt to rail traffic to and from Amsterdam. Sunday Afternoon, June 4 at 5:00 PM Monday morning, June 5, 9:00am.

During the outage, practically none of the buses were used as replacement transport. As a result, many passengers had to spend the night at the station or at the Ziggo Dome, where a Harry Styles concert was taking place that evening.

From 19:00, two buses ran between Amsterdam and Schiphol and from 22:20 a third bus was added. The state secretary wrote in his letter that NS has indicated that it has requested more buses from its suppliers for Sunday night and Monday morning, but they were unable to provide more buses.

NS has opted to use the limited number of buses available as a shuttle service between Amsterdam and Schiphol to enable (international) passengers to catch their flight. The NS staff has only verbally informed the passengers about the availability of these buses. The use of these buses has not been widely publicized due to extremely limited capacity.

According to Hagenen, it makes sense to organize replacement transportation for all or one
Passenger share in case of disruption of this size possible. Still, she writes that bus use at the time was very low:”i think it’s a shuttle service only two or three buses very brief and short It offered a perspective of action for a group of travelers who are less self-sufficient and/or could not use alternate transportation.

Secretary of State agrees that the NS, as part of the evaluation, will use Replacement bus transport needs to be seriously examined, like bus capacity Available to them in such situations.

as part of the assessment NS has indicated that it will examine possible options For replacement transportation other than the use of buses and taxis

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