The search for love, a mad scientist and a Moroccan football fairy tale

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‘B&B Looking for Sweet’

Now that all the farmers in Flanders and the surrounding area have found a partner, it’s time for a new dating program. a lemons Flemish B&B owners go abroad to help their spouses.

8:55 pm on VTM

‘King of the Clones’

then korean scientist hwang woo-suk The announcement in 2004 that, following previous successes with pigs and cows, he had been able to clone a human embryo was world news. However, a few months later, the man fell from his position when it was revealed that he had used the eggs of two of his employees for his research and may have coerced the women into donating them. ‘King of Clones’ explores the rise and fall of Hwang Woo-suk, with participation from the scientist himself.

on netflix

Zero Image RV

Image RV

‘The Hunger Games – Mockingjay (Part 2)’

Katniss now (Jennifer Lawrence) is off the field, she prepares to go to war. Armed with a squad of rebels and a bow and arrow, he has a mission: to free Panem by assassinating President Snow. Against the traps, mutants and heartbreaking choices that await her games Nothing for.

8:35 pm on VTM 3

‘Moroccan football fairy tale’

Once upon a time…a Moroccan team that reached the semi-finals of the World Cup. rapper snow In this four-part series, look back at the memorable kick-off in Qatar with the players and everything that came with it.

at 9:20 PM on NPO 3

“Love Island (New Season)”

victor verhulst Villa Verhulst exchanges for a brand new season at the Love Island Villa. together with holly may bread That puts together a lot of sun cream, a too-small bikini, a little wine and ten bachelors. Only true love can be true.

Play4 at 10:35 pm

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