With smiles and tears, Elton John says goodbye to British public with ‘legendary concert’ Show

In front of a frenzied crowd at the Glastonbury festival, Elton John performed what was possibly his last concert in his homeland. The 76-year-old British singer delivered hit after hit from his impressive music catalogue, sending fans (and critics) into a tizzy.

When Elton John walks on stage dressed in a golden suit, people hold their breath. He’s looking a little rough, will he be able to successfully complete a performance at one of the biggest and most famous festivals in the world? But when Britney sits down at his piano, the first note pinball Wizard (music number petty soldier by The Who, ed.) All worries vanished.

“This is a special and special night for me,” Elton told the audience. The performance at Glastonbury is generally believed to be his last show in England – he will retire following the tour, which ends in Stockholm on 8 July. But on Sunday night he spread confusion. “This could be my last appearance in England. So I have to do my best. You’ve been here for so long.”

During the performance, Elton sang his hits with occasional guest appearances. The first guest to join Elton on stage is Jacob Lusk of the British band Gabriels. He performs with a gospel choir Are You Ready For Love? to listen to. Elton says he is grateful to Fatboy Slim for reviving the song. American Stephen Sanchez (20) is the other guest. they play together until i found you, the number with which Sanchez broke through. With Rina Swayama he sang the duet he sang with Kiki D in the 1970s: Do not break my heart. Singer Brandon Flowers of The Killers also takes the stage, with John playing his classic tiny Dancer sings.

There was already a lot of speculation about the four guests. Dua Lipa and Britney Spears were thought of, singers with whom Elton has recently collaborated. But fans of those singers are out of luck: Like Elton cold heart Bet, the hit he had with Dua Lipa, asks the audience to sing the singer’s vocal part. The attendees do this with great dedication, as they sing almost every song word for word.

musical hat trick

After a nearly two-hour show, the singer concludes with a musical hat-trick: after a swing I’m still standinghe passionately respects don’t let the sun go down on me his late friend George Michael, who would have turned 60 on Sunday, and that ends with rocket Man, Glastonbury then catches fire – literally too, as the sky above the festival becomes colored with fireworks.

Fans at the ground, and viewers following the concert at home via the BBC, reacted frantically. They call it a ‘legendary performance’, ‘iconic’ and ‘phenomenal’ (read more below). One person writes, “What a way to say goodbye.” Images from the BBC show Paul McCartney, last year’s headliner at Glastonbury, also enjoying his musical colleague’s concert.

Fans Are Not Alone: ​​Leading Music Magazine Rolling stone Exaggeration ends. Elton John performed a stunning career-spanning set that reminded thousands why he is one of British music’s true greats. And: It was the perfect end to one of the greatest headline sets ever at Glastonbury. If this was indeed the end of Elton John’s UK exposure, he’s going to be on a high. His voice – seemingly untouched by the ravages of time – and unique talent, still shines as bright as ever.’

british music magazine nme is also affected. ‘The audience present is of all ages, with the youngest singing along louder than the oldest, for one simple reason: Elton’s music is timeless and travels through time. He brings one hit after another, without a break’, writes the reviewer, who concludes that no better setlist is possible.

‘Rock history is being made’

british newspaper Guardian Five stars hands down. ‘He entertains the audience like a real showman – he flexes his muscles too ok for saturday night fight — and he looks appropriately amused as thousands of people go berserk. Their seasoned band sounds completely weightless while somehow being deep and funky, allowing these great songs to flutter between the flagstones of the pyramid stage.

The paper concludes that it is becoming a great history. “But it doesn’t even feel like the end: Elton John, crossing the ages, feels like an eternity.”

farewell tour
Really, Elton John should have quit touring a long time ago. All they announced in 2018 Goodbye Yellow Brick Roadtour, but it was severely delayed several times. The British pop legend was diagnosed with pneumonia, had a new hip replacement and had to put everything on hold for a while due to the coronavirus pandemic.
In late April, John explained that going on tour was tiring for him. She’s looking forward to having “a little freedom” and spending more time with her husband and two children (Zack, age 8, and Eliza, age 12). He can still pull off amazing performances here and there. He will conclude his current tour on July 8 in Stockholm.

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