9 stories to read later this weekend

1. Doctor Gabor Mate decapitates Western civilization: ‘We don’t know about it, but trauma controls our lives’

“We learn from childhood that competition and self-centeredness lead to success, but it only makes us physically and mentally ill.” Hungarian-Canadian doctor Gabor Mate (79), best known for his bestsellers on addiction, hidden stress and ADHD, in his latest book calculates common myth with western civilization. It took ten years of research before that and it’s a long-winded warning about the toxicity of our society.

“We may not be aware of it, but trauma controls our lives. They are in our culture, politics, our personal lives, everywhere. Read the interview with Gabor Mate.

null picture Gurudayal Khalsa

Image Gurudayal Khalsa

2. “Tanks are on their way,” but music is playing on Moscow’s shopping streets

City life continued in Moscow on Saturday despite Wagner’s threat. Correspondent Geert Groot Koerkamp saw the signs from the relevant city council.

Read the full report here.

People walking near Red Square in Moscow.  Image Reuters

People walking near Red Square in Moscow.Image Reuters

3. TV producer Annie Struiff: ‘I think it’s a great gift to have met such a wonderful new partner’

During her travels, Annie Struiff (62) saw the most beautiful things about our planet and the people who walk it, but she also came face to face with the ugliest that lurks within us. “My outlook is positive, but in Afghanistan and the Congo I have lost my faith in the goodness of man.”

Read the full interview with Annie Struff.

zero pictures carmen de vos

sculpture carmen de vos

4. ‘No one hurt’: Missing submarine Titan cracked, but what exactly is it?

Now that the remains of the missing submarine Titan have been found, the massive search that captivated the world has come to an end. After the ship exploded, there was no chance of survival for the five people on board. But what exactly is such an explosion?

“It’s 2,000 cars suddenly parked on top of your body.” Read full article.

Void image via Reuters

Image via Reuters

5. Model, former Marine and Thibaut Courtois’ bride: Who is Michelle Gerzig? ‘My military service put the brakes on my modeling career’

Michelle Gerzig (26) became Mrs. Thibaut Courtois on Sunday. This week, the Israeli model and former naval commander showed how proud he is of Brie’s tall man. Read the picture of an unusual WAG here.

Zero Image Getty Images

Image Getty Images

6. Johann Plato, lawyer for the ‘bad guys’: ‘You better defend a rich client’

After Jürgen Demsmaeker, he was the least popular figure at the Ghent Assize Court. That doesn’t bother lawyer Johan Plato (56). “As a teenager I learned to collect. It is one of the most important qualities in my profession.”

“I try to understand and defend people rather than condemn and dismiss them. This makes the profession of lawyer one of the most beautiful in the world. Read the interview with Johann Plato.

void image bob van mol

sculpture bob van mol

7. Harry Styles in Werchter: He seems like a really sympathetic, cool, sweet, very fertile and very sporty young man ★★★★☆

At about quarter to nine the ground started rumbling. One of the earth’s crust was torn left and right. The tectonic plates settled into a more comfortable fold. Rainbows broke out everywhere. In the meadow, the girls stopped crying with sadness, and immediately started crying again with joy. In Werchter, Harry Styles, the balm for all things melancholy, fell to the ground.

Read a review of Harry Styles’ concert at Werchter here.

Zero Image for ABA Getty Images

Image Getty Images for ABA

8. By leading the offensive, Putin has pushed his own regime to the brink of collapse

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been a colossal blunder from day one. By going ahead with the invasion, Putin has pushed his own regime to the brink of collapse.

Read the analysis here.

zero image ap

image ap

9. Tim Verheyden: “Your son who’s been put in an ambulance who’s about to be put on a ventilator…the ground beneath me cracked”

Author Marcel Proust once answered her in a friend’s book, now De Morgan has given it a bizarre twist. Twenty direct questions, equally clear answers. Today: VRT journalist Tim Verheyden (46). Who is he in the depths of his thoughts?

“I thought love should be passionate. Gorgeous and mesmerizing. But love isn’t like that, it’s almost toxic.” Read the full interview.

null image © Stefan Temmermann

Image © Stefan Temmermann

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