Golden Shoe Doetinchem (DZC’68) for Jesper Vonk


Doetinchem – For the fifth year in a row, the Golden Shoe was awarded to the top scorer of Doetinchem Municipality. Last Monday, Jesper Vonk received the award from JS Schoenen and Dan Starinck of Voetkfort. In addition to the cup, the winner received a voucher for the store at Ganderen.

by Martin Crane

This was a first, as the same player had never won the Golden Boot twice before. Jesper Vonk was top scorer for Concordia Wehl last year and this season he won the ranking for DZC’68. The goalscorer looks back and says, “It’s been a great season for me and for us as a team.” “After my transfer to DZC, it obviously took some time to get used to: new faces, a higher standard. The training sessions are tough, especially in the beginning as the newbies are tested for their resilience.”

summer internship
Jesper Vonk planned to be optimal at the start of the season and trained for himself throughout the summer. “It paid off, I got a starting spot right away and started scoring well with three goals in the first five games. After that I dried off for a while, you see the difference between 1st and 3rd grade. You get fewer chances and the defenders you face are smarter, fitter and faster than two levels down.

The goals came naturally again and Jesper Vonk finished on a tally of 15 hits. At the same time, he was well ahead of Owen Peters of Concordia Wehl, Ralf Klein Tank of VIOD, Nino Monaso of VVG’25 and Alper Demire of VV Doetinchem (the team was prematurely eliminated from the competition). And so he can display the cup on the mantelpiece of the house for another year.

With his 20 years, it doesn’t seem unimaginable that Nieuw Wahlenaar will continue to dominate the top scorer rankings for years to come. until he takes another step up and finds his salvation in a club outside the municipality of Doetinchem. “It is definitely my ambition in the long term, everything I try to achieve from my career. But right now I’m on my spot in DZC’68, so hopefully I’ll go three in a row next year.”

The Golden Shoe, a collaboration between the Doetinchem Vizier and JS Shoes from Ganderen, goes to the top scorer of the Doetinchem municipality. The number of goals is given importance: hits by a team of the first division receive a higher coefficient than those of the second or third division.

past winners
The previous winners were: Thomas Kleinlugtebeld from DZC’68 and Alexander Megens from VVG’25. During the 2019-2020 season, the cup was not given to the top scorer due to Corona. The award was then presented in the form of a heart below the belt to VV Doetinchem’s seriously injured goalkeeper Piet Ratsma.

Last position

Name, club, number of points and number of goals, respectively. See below for weighting factors for different teams.

  • Jesper Vonk DZC’68 27.0 15
  • Owen Peters Concordia W 18.2 13
  • Ralph the Small Tank VIOD 18.2 13
  • Nino Monasso VVG’25 16.0 10
  • Alper Demire Doetinchem 15.4 11
  • Thomas Kleinlugtebeld DZC’68 14.4 8
  • Thom Van Swayze Concordia W 11.2 8
  • Bohdi Van Hall VIOD 11.2 8
  • Bruno van den Berg VVG’25 11.2 7
  • Lucas De Graaf VIOD 9.8 7
  • Wessel Renson VIOD 9.8 7
  • Damian Weber VIOD 9.8 7
  • Cass Evers DZC’68 9.0 5
  • Patrick Pastor VVG’25 8.0 5
  • Noe Bokila DZC’68 7.2 4
  • Simon Lucassen Concordia W 7.0 5
  • Ahmet Ersoy Doetinchem 7.0 5
  • Romeo Notebook DoetinCam 7.0 5
  • Yoni Baumann VVG’25 6.4 4
  • Yannis Meganes VVG’25 6.4 4
  • Ramon Pastor VVG’25 6.4 4
  • Bayon Vanhoven VVG’25 6.4 4
  • Stijn Van Uum Concordia W 5.6 4
  • Rutger Ebers DZC’68 5.4 3
  • Luke Meijer DZC’68 5.4 3
  • Alexander Megans VVG’25 4.8 3
  • Roel Weldkamp VVG’25 4.8 3
  • Sonet Yayla Doetinchem 4.2 3
  • Vout Blasman DZC’68 3.6 2
  • Max van der Velpen DZC’68 3.6 2
  • Tolgahan Yayla DZC’68 3.6 2
  • Jarno Buiting Concordia W 2.8 2
  • Simon Delfsma Concordia W 2.8 2
  • Jamie Liftogt Concordia W 2.8 2
  • Mustafa Alemdar Doetinchem 2.8 2
  • Darren Orsai Doetinchem 2.8 2
  • Marijan Dirks VIOD 2.8 2
  • Lucas Gerrits VIOD 2.8 2
  • Fabian Mensah DZC’68 1.8 1
  • Chiel Dirksen VVG’25 1.6 1
  • Bart Luwerink VVG’25 1.6 1
  • Ramon Rolfsen VVG’25 1.6 1
  • AMIS ESMAJLI Concordia W 1.4 1
  • Tom Jenson Concordia W 1.4 1
  • Luke Reismer Concordia W 1.4 1
  • Kevin Rootjes Concordia W 1.4 1
  • Jan Welling Concordia W 1.4 1
  • Tom Zwers Concordia W 1.4 1
  • gokhan bilisi doetinchem 1.4 1
  • Bram van Doren Doetinchem 1.4 1
  • jesse van harlem doetinkhem 1.4 1
  • dylan hendrickson doetinchem 1.4 1
  • Len Dirks VIOD 1.4 1
  • hide van dijk VIOD 1.4 1
  • Twan Esman VIOD 1.4 1
  • Lars Nuruwe VIOD 1.4 1

Multiplication Factor:

  • Main class: x2.0
  • First class: x1.8 (DZC’68)
  • Second class: x1.6 (Concordia Wehl, VVG’25)
  • Class III: x1.4 (Doetinchem, VIOD)
  • 4th grade: x1.2
  • 5th grade: X1.0

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