‘Simple’ makeup is not done on festivals this year. With these 8 looks, you are with the trends. Nina

The festive season has officially begun. And for this we – perhaps under the guise of ‘anything for a good picture’ – are getting more and more flashy outfits out of the wardrobe. But our face should also look different. We get our inspiration from the biggest celebrities and social media. From graphic eyeliner to glitter-filled everything: 8 hip makeup looks for this festive season.

A neutral makeup look is ideal for a summer day. in the evening he can be a smoky eye Are. But we can totally experiment with our makeup on festivals, especially in 2023. No color is too crazy and no color is too much.

That’s why popular video platform TikTok is not short of inspiration for this summer. so is the hashtag #festivalmakeup Around 266.4 million views. From here we’ve gathered eight of the hottest makeup looks for the festival and show you how you can create them yourself.

Sticking stones to your face for a festival has been popular for many years. They take your look to the next level in one-two-three. However, in 2023, you won’t be sticking a stone on your cheekbones or on your forehead.

Instead, apply the diamond to your eyelid or in a pattern around your eye. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal. This way the stones can really shine. It does require some patience and precision work, but the result is absolutely stunning.

Look This is how you create your own look

Graphic eyeliner is one of the trendiest makeup looks of the moment. Partly thanks to series like ‘Euphoria’, which have shared and recreated this look countless times on the video platform TikTok. so is the hashtag #graphicliner no less than 2.5 billion views on the app and #graphicslinertutorials 31.1 million.

That’s why social media is brimming with inspiration. Usage: No shape or color is so attractive here. However, this look takes some practice. Our advice: Try mixing this makeup look with other trends from our list.

Look You will learn some important do’s and don’ts here

Whoever says festival makeup immediately says glitter. Sparkling eyes are still the best look of the year. It is timeless and simple and suits everyone.

Tip: Be sure to apply a primer under your makeup so that the shine lasts longer. Create an even more dramatic makeup look with black eyeliner and false eyelashes.

Look This is how you can create a pastel purple glitter look for your eyes

Not just for your wardrobe, neon or flu colors are a big trend on your face this festive season. So if you want to look extra edgy, you can opt for fluorescent pink or neon green eye shadow.

Here too, it is advised to keep the rest of your makeup neutral. So that neon really spoke. For example, you can match your manicure. Also great: Draw a line in fluorescent color on your eye.

Look For the daring, three looks with fluorescent colors

are pastel colors Another favorite look two moments, It also featured girlie Kendall Jenner, among others. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an easy, breezy and soft makeup look. Extra Fun: Pick two shades and mix them for a great contrast.

Look Pastel purple look with stones, liner and glitter (yes, you can add)

Often you do not have a full wardrobe of makeup on a festival. That’s why this makeup trend is perfect for when you only have time for one color of eyeshadow. boring? opposite of this. Sweep the color all over your eyelid and you’re done. Or apply the color to the inner corners of your eyes and then gradually blend it towards the center of your lashes to give the eye a slightly more defined look.

Fun fact: You can even use your blush for this. Subtle, but certainly no less beautiful. It doesn’t even have to look perfect, a bit of carelessness is allowed with monochrome.

Look This is how you create a monochrome look with blush

Another extremely popular look on social media siren eyes, same hashtag #sireneyes It has so far been viewed nearly 1.2 billion times on the video platform Tiktok. a sexier version of the regular winged eyeliner.

siren eyes You can easily make up with eye pencil, eye shadow or eyeliner. You mainly emphasize the inner corner of your eye. This will give the illusion of a narrow and elongated cateye shape to your eyes.

Which color you choose for this is entirely up to you. Embrace the grunge look with deep tones and lots of black. The glitter makes it even more festive siren eyes Fluo and pastel are perfect.

Look This is how you take care of the inner corner of the eye

This trend has also come out of our wardrobe. For example, metal accessories and sandals are currently very fashionable. But it can and should be done on your eyes too.

Less messy than glitter, but just as cute. You have two options: apply metallic (liquid) eyeshadow all over your lid or line it along your lashes.

Look You can create an entire look with one product

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