Who Is The Successor To ‘Bridesmaids’?

An Oscar winner kicking a bunch of teenagers naked: It’s not a sight you see every day. but in don’t mind Jennifer Lawrence’s character Maddie has no sympathy for the teens who ran off with her clothes while she was getting dressed skinny dipping Was with his date.

don’t mind This is just the first of many raunchy R-rated female comedies coming to theaters this summer. Movies that make you laugh with bizarre scenes in which ‘decent’ women engage in violence, brutal sex, liters of alcohol or handbags full of drugs are considered suitable for ages seventeen and up in the US. (In the Netherlands it is usually fourteen.)

The genre became popular in 2011 through the hilarious comedy bridesmaids, which combined competition within a group of bridesmaids with lewd sex jokes and diarrhea attacks: scatological humor that until then had been mainly reserved for men. Successful successors followed, such as girls trip (2017), in which a group of African-American women take a wild trip to New Orleans, and many lighthearted imitations such as rough night (2017), in which the bridesmaids are trapped with a dead stripper on a night out. In recent years, the stream of foul language, outspoken women movies seemed to dry up, but this summer a few films are resurfacing.

Where did this new wave come from? One possible reason could be that the makers realize that the boundaries of a ‘raucous’ film in 2023 are slightly different than in 2011. And so within that genre there is new, untapped potential for jokes that previously proved lucrative.


that’s how they are don’t mind, which premiered last week, the riotous partying and nude scenes aren’t necessarily a surprise. Rather that Maddie and her best friend dryly explain that women have sex for the most trivial of reasons, such as “getting out of a game of Settlers of Catan.” You don’t often hear #MeToo posts in a Hollywood comedy. Also refreshing: The film features actual bonding and “sex” between an “adult woman” and a 19-year-old teenage boy. half a century later in 2023 Graduate (1967), she’s at it again spiked,

don’t mind There is Maddie (Lawrence), a nearly thirty-year-old who lives in her dead mother’s house in Montauk, but can no longer pay her bills. More and more wealthy New Yorkers are buying villas in the cozy beach town, raising property taxes and driving ordinary people out of their hometowns. When Maddie is also in danger of losing her home, she answers an ad to market two wealthy helicopter parents who fear their polite, introverted 19-year-old son Percy, who has gotten through college without much trouble There is not enough life experience to survive. When Maddie wants to date Percy to help her come out of her shell, her parents promise her a car that will allow her to work as an Uber driver.

Maddie’s attempts to persuade Percy to sleep with her lead to deliciously slutty moments. Lawrence showcased his comedic talents, with Andrew Feldman playing Percy, a genuinely sweet and romantic 19-year-old. The plot is simple, but the many jokes are less ludicrous than the film’s obscure title.

Another reason for the revival of the ‘raucous’ women’s film is that now women directors are also trying their luck in it. In America, Critics Were Lyrical About Emma Seligmans This Spring Below, a teen sex comedy about two lesbian high school girls who form a “fight club” to attack cheerleaders. The ‘sexy comedy’ is coming to the Netherlands next week candy and bonita In the Hall, directed by Nienke Romer, in which pub friends Tilly (San Langelaar) and Marieke (Falkeline Auverkerk) want to launch a women’s platform with a female-friendly pornographic film.

Candy Bonita. Photo WDG Photography

Building of; construction of candy and bonita Unfortunately messy and unbalanced. After an elaborate, long haul with more jokes about tired parents than sex, women are more likable and small committee His film in an old palace. Even there, the ‘spicy’ humor is often unoriginal and the one-liners artificial. For example, if the babbling porn star (Jeroen van Koningsbrugh) hired by Tilly and Marieke is no longer able to perform, it is because his “reputation for being tough” has been broken.

feel remarkably candy and bonita That too from the age of 14, even better Don’t feel bad Lastly, this is a bit different from an average romcom where the protagonist is neatly helped along by a companion.

cross pollination

as well as other r rated female comedy This film by a female director will release in the Netherlands next week, which is a bit disappointing. joyride Adele Lim’s directorial debut, Reminisce in film design girls trip: Four friends embark on a journey that spirals completely out of control. Like Below Lim tries to cross the cheesy style with contemporary themes such as representation and discrimination. The film was originally called joi fuck cluba gesture the joy Luck ClubThe first Hollywood film with an all-Asian cast, released in 1993.

In joyride Adopted from China, successful lawyer Audrey (ASHLEY PARK) goes on a business trip to her native country. She brings along Lolo, her dissolute childhood friend, as interpreter; She grew up with Chinese parents in the same American town where Audrey was full of white people. Soon, Lolo’s non-binary relatives and Audrey’s college friends who live in China join in as well.

Joyride. Photo Ed Arquel/Lionsgate

The film was praised in the US for its humorous portrayal of the experiences of Asian Americans. For example, in America, Audrey laughs at her white male co-workers’ demeaning comments in order to move up in the ranks, but in China she is dismissed as too American. lim dares Skipping the overly sweet romance plot. Not everyone needs to end the relationship, friendship is the key.

feel forward joyride Too formulaic. For example, due to Audrey’s prejudices towards Asians, the women are cornered in a train compartment by a (white) dealer and have to evade the police with condoms filled with coke in every body orifice. After which they are rescued by a basketball team and what follows are sex scenes that push the boundaries of childish choice rather than fun.

In recent years, countless comedians — from Ali Wong to Awkwafina — have infused their Asian roots with original and raunchy jokes. in humor joyride so feel a little too little too late, So unfortunately: female directors have so far failed to come up with a worthy successor bridesmaids for coming. But summer has only just begun.


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