De Volkskrant TV selection for Wednesday 5 July

Masahiro Motoki and Takashi Sasano in 'The Departure' by Yojiro Takita.  image

Masahiro Motoki and Takashi Sasano in ‘The Departure’ by Yojiro Takita.


Veronica, 8:30 PM

(Thriller, Oliver Stone, 1991) Who else but Oliver Stone could have filmed the story of the assassination of John F. Kennedy? The director loves conspiracy theories, smells cover-ups from miles away, and is fascinated by the great heroes and anti-heroes of American history. For jkfBased on the memoirs of prosecutor Jim Garrison, he allotted three hours and fifteen minutes. During that, a painstaking reconstruction of a complex plot unfolds, with Stone keeping the audience engaged through fast-paced editing and an ominous, thriller-like atmosphere.

dream of youth

NPO 1 at 8.33 pm

dutch drama series dream of youth The Wanders family has been followed from 1968 to 2006 by screenwriter Marnie Bloc and director Bram Shaw. This week the series returns to 1989, the year the Berlin Wall fell. Max (Peter Paul Müller) travels to Germany with Hans and witnesses this historic moment. Carla (Tamer van den Doop) is still struggling with life after her accident and Susie (Maria Krachman) is in shock when her friend Miriam receives some bad news. Meanwhile, Frans (Gizz Naber) has decided to become a professional soldier.

across the Mediterranean

NPO 2 at 8.35 PM

In 2021, Arnaut Houben hopes to make a journey through the countries and islands of the Mediterranean, ending in Jerusalem. However, the company got stuck in Italy due to the Corona crisis. In this broadcast, Houben is on the La Maddalena archipelago, an archipelago north of Sardinia. On the island of Budelli, he meets Mauro, 81, the only resident. In Sardinia itself, the programmer goes in search of even more old men. The residents of Nuoro Province are aging remarkably well and Houben wants to know what their secret is.

Titanic: 25 Years Later

National Geographic, 9:30 PM

It’s been a quarter century since James Cameron’s romantic disaster film Titanic The movie broke records at the box office. In a new documentary for National Geographic, the director delves into the myths and mysteries surrounding the famous shipwreck. he also answers Titanic: 25 Years Later this question remains in the mind of many fans. TitanicQ: Why was there room for Rose (Kate Winslet) at the end of the movie, but not Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio)? In a particular basin, he conducts an experiment that should yield a definite answer.

Hour of the Wolf: It’s in My Heart

NPO 2 at 10.19 PM

in baroque representation Furia The actors of the theater group Kamke act out a story full of passion, sexuality, murder and betrayal. It is noteworthy that all the players of Hengelo company suffer from intellectual disability. award winning documentary it’s in my heart Filmmaker Saskia Boddeke reflects on the making of this piece. She follows the players in front of and behind the scenes during rehearsals and performances. Due to the particular way of telling, documentaries mix actors, characters, reality and fiction.


Canvas, 10:20 PM

(drama, Yojiro Takita, 2008) Then Departure ,okuribito) wins the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, ahead of nominated arthouse darlings Waltz with Bashir And enter les mercs, Raised a few eyebrows. But anyone who’s seen a Japanese film won’t be surprised at the views of the Academy, which traditionally chooses the kind of quality cinema that’s a little less unruly. Departure This is a wonderful story about an unemployed cellist who returns to the house where he was born and enters the service of a funeral director as an assistant in preparing the deceased. The film takes pride in explaining this in detail, so that Departure A special, meditative beauty.

railway man

BBC1, 12:40am

(Drama, Jonathan Teplitzky, 2013) Sympathetic, clean-cut drama that hits the right buttons to move forward. It’s not until after their wedding that Patty (Nicole Kidman) learns that her love interest in trains, Eric (Colin Firth), suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder when he receives a Japanese-language engineer call. So he got contracted. Yes, camp on the Burma Railway. shows up in flashback railway man, based on the man’s memoirs, his horrific experiences in the camp. Firth is as good as ever and Jeremy Irvine is strong as young Eric.

Colin Firth in 'The Railway Man' by Jonathan Teplitzki.  image

Colin Firth in ‘The Railway Man’ by Jonathan Teplitzki.

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