Tenniscore Is The Clothing Trend Of Summer (Even For People Who Don’t Play Tennis)

TennisScore is reaching its peak this summer. We show you how you can wear this sporty trend yourself.

Since last summer, we’ve been seeing more and more looks inspired by what tennis players wear. From models on the catwalk to influencers on Instagram, they all wear pleated skirts and white sneakers. We explain what TennisScore really means and how you can embrace the trend yourself.

What is tennis score?

With TennisScore, you rock the tennis look: lots of white or pastel colors, white sneakers, tall socks and a short pleated skirt. That last piece in particular is a must for anyone who wants to style. This trend is not new, but it is becoming increasingly popular. Especially on social media, where many posts are dedicated to how to make a Tenniscore outfit. The popularity is probably due to the fact that tennis style clothing is very versatile. Plus, they transcend seasons because of their neutral colors and are easy to pair with other trends. Now you tell yourself what white sneakers don’t go with.

Fashion houses and celebrities are fans

Tenniscore is not only popular on social media, fashion houses and celebrities are also fans of the trend. Tory Burch, Saint Laurent and Chanel have all released sporty looks recently. Miu Miu also created a capsule collection inspired by tennis. Other fashion houses such as Gucci and Jacquemus collaborated with sports brands such as Adidas and Nike. Several tenniscore organizations emerged from this collaboration.

Many celebrities are a fan of this trend. We regularly see him in his street style looks or on social media. For example, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Kendall Jenner were already seen with short pleated skirts and high stockings.

How do you create the tenniscore look?

You can easily make your own tenniscore outfit with these costumes.

1. Pleated Skirt

Tenniscore Pleated Skirt
Global Pleated Short Skirt, Tommy Hilfiger

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2. White Sneakers

white sneaker lacoste
Lacoste Heel Pop Leather Sneakers for Women

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3. Polo

tennis core polo
Levi’s Graphic Sundowner Polo

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4. Long Socks

socks nike
Everyday Plus Cushioned, Nike

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