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On day 67 of The Writers Guild of America strike, the cast and creatives behind three hit shows joined the strike in Los Angeles.

Bright and early at 9.30 at Paramount Studios in Hollywood there was one Ugly Betty reunion with stars Ana Ortiz and Chris Gorham, who join writers Brian Tannen, Gabrielle Stanton, Sheila Lawrence, Chris Black, Henry Myers, Cameron Litvack and Tracy Poust in the special strike.

Ugly Betty, based on the Spanish-language short story Betty La Fea, aired for four seasons from 2006 to 2010. America Ferrera portrayed the titular Betty Suarez, an unconventional beauty whose unique sense of style doesn’t stop her from landing a gig at the top fashion magazine. The project was developed by Silvio Horta for ABC and also starred Mark Indelicato, Eric Mabius, Tony Plana, Becki Newton and Michael Urie.

Cast and crew of ‘Ugly Betty’.

Rosy Cordero

“I worry about the future of writing as a profession if things don’t change,” said Sheila Lawrence, who also boasts writing credits on Gilmore girls, Desperate Housewives, The wonderful Mrs. Maisel and Love, Victor.

She continued: “It’s been great to be out here and feel so much support from everyone all these days in. Cars are still honking every day. So I hope it will come to a good conclusion.”

Being back with his former colleagues encouraged conversations about the long-rumored return to the world of Ugly Betty with a new series or a movie. Lawrence told Deadline, “We would love to have more Ugly Betty. No promises, I think there are rights issues, but we’d all love it.”

Ortiz, who played Betty’s sister Hilda, and Gorham, who brought Betty’s ex Henry to life, have been seen several times on different picket lines since the WGA called a strike in April. And as they begin to think about a possible SAG-AFTRA strike ahead of the July 12 deadline, they took a quick break to celebrate the opportunity to revisit the series.

“Hey fans, speak up! Let everyone know you want a reboot of Ugly Betty because there have been talks. Let’s go,” Ortiz encouraged.

In Dalen there was a reunion of George Lopez show at Warner Bros. with star Constance Marie leading the strike alongside Ernie Cardenas, Masiela Lusha and Lopez’s ex-wife Ann Lopez, the inspiration behind Marie’s character Angie.

George Lopez followed the life of family man George Edward Lopez, who, although sharing a name with the comedian, is a fictionalized version of the actor. Luis Armand Garcia, Belita Moreno, Emiliano Diez and Aimee Garcia also starred. The series was created by George Lopez, Bruce Helford and Robert Borden for ABC.

L to R: Valente Rodríguez, Ann Lopez, Constance Marie, Masiela Lusha

Rosy Cordero

“A lot of the same things we can hit on are the same issues writers are dealing with right now as streaming platforms,” ​​said Marie, who is a member of SAG-AFTRA. “Our contracts and author contracts are based on outdated distribution. Now with streaming, it’s changed the formula, making it hard to sustain a career with the tiny scraps we get paid, the long teams we have, and the threat of AI potentially infringing us.”

Added Rodríguez, “It’s the same thing that happened in 2007, and (AMPTP) said, ‘Oh, it’s far away; 20-30 years away. But guess what? It is here.”

Led by series creator Hart Hanson, Bones held a reunion post at Fox Square in Century City with stars Emily Deschanel, Chad Lowe, Pej Vahdat and Ryan Cartright walking the line.

Bones ran on Fox for 12 seasons from 2005-2017. The procedural followed a forensic anthropologist (Deschanel) and forensic archaeologist (David Boreanaz) as they teamed up with the FBI to solve murders.

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