Sarah Brady accuses ex-boyfriend Jonah Hill of “emotionally abusive” behavior

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady in 2021

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady in 2021
Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Netflix

Pro surfer Sarah Brady wrote a video on her Instagram Stories earlier this weekend, alleging that her former boyfriend, actor Jonah Hill, was a “misogynistic narcissist” who had acted in an “emotionally abusive” manner towards her during their relationship. Brady included in his video several screenshots allegedly sent by Hill, including one in which he appears to tell her that if she surfs with other men or posts photos of herself in swimwear, “I’m not the right partner for you.”

About People, neither Brady nor Hill have made any official comments about her post yet. (We’ve reached out to Hill’s reps and will update if they get back to us.) Brady’s point is pretty clear; in another part of the Instagram video, she writes that “If your partner talks to you like this, make an exit plan.” She also updated a caption on a public photo of her and Hill at the premiere of his 2021 film Don’t look upwrites, “Misogynist in plain sight.”

At another point, she writes that “I struggle with mental health too, but I don’t use it to control people like he did to me.” Hill has spoken a lot about anxiety in recent years, including make a documentary about his therapist, Dr. Phil Stutz, which Netflix released last year. In his video, Brady has some negative words for Stutz, including the phrase “Boycott Stutz” more than once. There are also several times where she accuses Hill of using language adopted from therapy for the purpose of gaslighting.

Brady writes that she “shared this publicly now because keeping it to myself caused more damage to my mental health than sharing it could ever do.” Although none of the posts appear to mention Hill explicitly, several of the texts are labeled as being from “Jonah”, and the couple’s relationship became public knowledge in 2021. Hill recently had a child with partner Olivia Millar; in his Stories video, Brady wrote, “I hope my ex has a daughter; maybe she’ll turn him into a real feminist.”

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