Young & Restless Preview: Michael reveals Phyllis is ready to return

In a Young and restless preview week of July 10 – 14, families and businesses sometimes don’t work well together. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

After Jack promoted Diane at Jabot, Ashley was sure it was only a matter of time before they trashed their father’s legacy. So you can imagine Jack’s reaction to learning that Ashley and Tucker had decided to go into business together. As Jack shivered, Ashley made sure to let Diane know that it was only a matter of time before Jack saw the mistake he made in believing her. Ashley told Diane not to worry and that she and Tucker would be there to lend a hand when she failed! When Tucker comes up, he places a gift box in front of Ashley and tells her, “It’s a secret weapon. You might as well consider it your wedding present.”

After the loss of their child, Sally continued to blame Adam. She told Nick that there was no longer any connection between her and Adam and she wanted him out of her life. Adam, meanwhile, wanted to focus the newly acquired McCall Industries on the media, and Victor warned him that he was trying to recreate what he lost with Sally, and that was a mistake. In a preview for next week, it’s Adam’s turn to be surprised with an offer. Adam asks Sharon, “Why, in a million years, would you think it’s a good idea for the two of us to work together?”

With her relationship with Kyle in ruins, Diane tried to reach out and support Summer. But Summer now saw Diane through her mother’s eyes, one who destroys everything she touches. But everything could be about to change this summer… and Diane! Summer, with Daniel, asks Michael, “What’s the news? How’s our mom?” Michael replies, “Sit yourselves. I think she’s ready for her comeback.”

Keep an eye out for news Young and restless spoilers to learn what Sally rethinks and who Ashley sets boundaries with.

Before you go, csee the photo gallery below of the soaps’ best and worst of 2023 so far.

Video: Young & Restless/YouTube

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