Antioch IL carnival accident: Boy, 10, remains hospitalized after falling from Moby Dick ride at Taste of Antioch

ANTIOCH, Ill. (WLS) — A 10-year-old boy who was thrown from a carnival ride at the Taste of Antioch Sunday afternoon remains hospitalized.

The child was transported from Antioch to the Attorney General in Park Ridge in critical condition, where his condition has been stabilized.

The Antioch Fire Department received a call around 2:40 p.m. Sunday about a child who had been injured in a carnival ride during the Taste of Antioch.

Video from the aftermath of the accident shows the boy lying on the ground unresponsive.

Erin Maloney was waiting in line for the ride with her son when they saw the traumatic fall.

“We were standing right in front of the ride maybe 5-6 feet back from the ride and we were looking at it and all of a sudden I turned around and I hear a woman screaming,” she said. “And my son said, ‘Mommy look’. I turned around and this little boy was just on the sidewalk, not moving, not responding.”

Village officials said the 10-year-old was thrown from the ride while it was in motion after he was not properly restrained.

“The carnival was packed and so many people got to see it,” said Charles Smith, chief of operations for the Antioch Police Department. “It’s a traumatic event for our community.”

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The incident happened on the last day of the Antioch Summer Food and Entertainment Festival.

“I feel sorry for the child and the parents who have to go through this,” said concerned parent Ronald Hipolito. “No one should go through this. No one at all.”

Hipolito recalled when his wife and son had problems aboard the same carnival ride Thursday.

“My wife said she had to stop the ride because my youngest son felt unsafe inside the slide,” Hipolito said. “He felt like he was going to fly out.”

As the injured boy was rushed to Lutheran General, Mayor Scott Gartner called for a shutdown of all carnival rides to commemorate the event.

“Not only for, you know, respect for the family that went through this, but also for the safety of the rest of the residents to make sure there were no other rights that could potentially be a problem,” Gartner said. “Public safety for something like this comes first.”

Antioch police said they are now investigating with the Illinois Department of Labor to inspect all the rides for any safety issues.

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