Natalie Portman movie that was panned by critics but still loved by fans

Despite devastating critics’ reviews, the film won the hearts of millions of fans.

Natalie Portman first declared herself in 1994 when Luc Besson’s cult film Leon: The Professional was released. Since then, the actress has taken on so many extraordinary roles that she has surely become an icon of the times.

Since the beginning of her career, the multiple Oscar nominee and winner has chosen unique projects that have made her image ingrained in pop culture.

One of those projects is undoubtedly Where the Heart Is – even if you haven’t seen the movie, you’ve probably seen pictures of Portman’s pregnant character somewhere.

The film tells the story of Novalee, a pregnant girl who is dumped by her boyfriend right in the store. Novalee has no choice but to take up residence at Walmart, and a few weeks later she even gives birth to a daughter there, much to the excitement of the community.

The film was released in 2000 when Natalie was still an aspiring actress. The drama was panned by critics, and the film still holds a 35% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Basically, the film was criticized for its too simple and messy plot and shallow characters. But even those who criticized the film generally admitted that Natalie Portman’s performance was the best thing about Where the Heart Is.

As is often the case, despite the critics’ opinion, the film has achieved cult status among the actress’ fans. On the same Rotten Tomatoes, the rating among ordinary viewers is 76% – the touching story of a pregnant teenager won the hearts of millions of viewers.

The role of Novalee was the actress’ first dramatic adult role, and it was in this film that Natalie proved that she was capable of strong acting.

Despite starring alongside such big names as Ashley Judd and Joan Cusack, Portman managed to steal the limelight and become the main star of the film, which shows the main character’s transformation over several years.

At the time, the film did not have much impact on the actress’s career, precisely because it was not appreciated by critics.

However, time has put everything in its place, and now Where the Heart Is is considered an important milestone in Natalie Portman’s career, revealing her as a strong dramatic actress.

Does Where the Heart Is deserve the criticism?

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