Multiview comes to YouTube and gets official YouTube TV launch

After testing for the past several months, YouTube is officially launching Multiview for YouTube TV and Primetime channels, starting with WNBA games.

Multiview in YouTube TV has been in testing since March for sports and more recently non-gaming content. YouTube is now ready to launch it to WNBA League Pass subscribers ahead of the upcoming NFL season with Sunday Ticket.

In addition to becoming official with wider availability in YouTube TV, Multiview is now available on the main YouTube service if you subscribe to WNBA Primetime Channel. This offer allows you to subscribe to various streaming services and watch through the YouTube interface.

On YouTube, Multiview also allows you to watch up to four streams simultaneously. It is available on smart TVs and streaming devices such as Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. Unfortunately, Google says “mobile and web do not support multiview.”

Meanwhile, another limitation is that YouTube still curates what’s available in Multiview instead of just letting you pick the exact games you’re interested in. This is to offer a “better user experience” but it is “working to improve flexibility and introduce more options in multiview in the future.”

If you subscribe to the WNBA Primetime Channel, you’ll see “Recommended Multiviews” on the Home tab and Watch Next recommendations. Once started, “the left or top left stream will be highlighted by default and the audio from that stream will be played.”

Use your remote to switch with a tap that opens full screen and back and takes you to the web.

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