These are the new Pixel Watch 2 watch faces

A lot can be said about the original Pixel Watch, but one thing that’s certain is that it’s a showcase for Google’s vision of the ideal smartwatch. From the sleek, modern design to the Material UI design that spans the entire system, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a Google product. One element that is undeniably important in a smartwatch is the watch face, and Google has made sure to build plenty of unique options to choose from. From super minimalist to more complex options for users who demand more utility.

The long-awaited Google Pixel Watch 2 builds on this library, adding four new highly configurable options to choose from (it currently looks like they’ll remain exclusive to the second-generation watch). Thanks to an anonymous source in Google, we can show the dials in action.


google pixel watch face

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

The first new watch face heading our way is called “Available”. As the name suggests, it’s all about simplicity and readability. While all of the available variants share design elements with existing dials, they are more plain without many distractions.

There will be four variants to choose from:

  • Circular — single-line digital time over a circular complication slot
  • Linear — digital time on one line with the date above
  • Stacked Time — Stacked digital time (hours over minutes), with a single compilation slot to the side
  • Just Time – a simple stacked digital time


Arc is a highly customizable watch face intended for users who demand more utility and customization from their watch. It offers several options – a choice of indices, variant selection (which controls how many complications and elements of the dial are displayed) and a toggle to enable or disable the seconds hand.

There are six variants in total, three categories times two sub-variants each. The categories are:

  • Max — four circular complication apertures in the center
  • Minimal — date in upper part of face
  • Numbers — large numbers in the center of the face

The subvariants control the complication slot outside the indices and are the same for all three categories:

  • Four – four flat complication openings in the corners
  • Two – two flat complication openings at the bottom and top of the screen

Cool digital

Bold Digital watch face is based on one of the lock screen clocks recently added to Pixel phones running Android 14. It uses a bold, overlapping font and colors that vary between certain numbers. It comes in two variants: Just Time and Radial, the latter of which provides three circular complication slots.

Analog bold

The last dial is Analog Bold. It’s another customizable analog watch face. Unlike the Arc, it has a full hour hand and bold numbers in every configuration. It comes in a few variants that determine how many complication slots are displayed (from zero to four) as well as whether the current date should be displayed. Two more aspects that can be configured are the hyphens and whether the numbers should be rounded.

Dynamic coloring

google pixel 6a customization

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

All watch faces come with different colors to choose from, but Google will add even more ways to customize the look. Pixel Watch 2 comes with Wear OS 4 and dynamic theme, which can extract colors from the active watch face and apply them around the watch interface. We can also confirm that the boot animation will also use the same dynamic colors, just like Google Pixel phones already do.

Those are all the new watch faces that Google has made exclusively for the Pixel Watch 2. While four isn’t that many, the range of customizations still makes this a welcome upgrade. Especially considering how many other great watch faces were on the original Pixel Watch.

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