Twisted Metal exceeds all expectations of rotten tomatoes

The gory, grindhouse comedy didn’t appeal all critics, but we liked it a lot in our review, and its 65% rating is very respectable – especially after initial screenings failed to impress. In fact, the audience scores even though higher and sits at a seriously impressive 91% overall. We’ve only read and seen positive comments from fans of the franchise, and we agree that this is a fun weekend getaway if you’re up for an insane, off-the-wall experience.

Next up for Sony’s new adaptation team is Gran Turismo, and would you bet against it at this point? While we think the marketing leans a little too much into the “true story” angle, the racing scenes look absolutely incredible and we have confidence in the cast. The re-released retro Twisted Metal titles, meanwhile, are enjoying a fair amount of engagement on PS5 and PS4 – perhaps further proof that this whole initiative is paying off for the platform holder.


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