“432 Hz music eased my brain fog and insomnia”

Kimberly King was chatting with her sister when she suddenly remembered that there was an important email she needed to send. “I have to find my phone,” Kimberly said nervously.

“Kimberly…it’s right there in your hand,” her sister pointed out, concern ringing in her voice.

To balance his career as children’s book author with being the parents of a child with special needs, the 52-year-old often felt tired and a little foggy. But since battling COVID in December 2021, her once-manageable fuzziness had become nearly debilitating, leading to losing items, forgetting where she was driving, and fumbling through work tasks.

Ironically, even though she was constantly exhausted, Kimberly struggled to sleep through the night, waking up after an hour or two and tossing and turning for hours, adding to her inability to focus during the day.

To her frustration, Kimberly’s doctor offered few suggestions beyond eating a healthy diet, managing stress, and getting daily exercise. “I’ve tried them all – they don’t work!” she despaired.

Last year, Kimberly chatted with her hairdresser about her brain fog and fatigue, and he suggested listening to music composed at a frequency of 432 Hz to help her sleep. “I play this calming frequency music in my salon,” he revealed.

“No wonder I’m always so relaxed when I’ve dyed my hair,Kimberly said, ask her stylist shared several free sleep frequency channels on YouTube.

How does 432 Hz music benefit the brain?

Fascinated, Kimberly researched music frequencies and found that many researchers agree that music tunes to 432 hertz has a significant calming effect on the brain. 432 Hz music, often called “Verdi’s A” after the Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdiis the frequency at which musicians used to tune the note “A” – until the 1950s.

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Today, A is set to 440 Hz. (So ​​Verdi’s A is relatively close to the current A flat.) Why might this make a difference? Some musicians and scientists theorize that the flatter notes are less jarring and easier on the ears.

Some studies suggest that 432 Hz music helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. A 2019 sleep study published in Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Carefor example found out it helped participants struggling with insomnia fall asleep faster.

And a 2020 study on music and cortisol i Journal of Applied Oral Science found it listening to 432 Hz music lowered anxiety and cortisol levels in participants awaiting tooth extraction. In contrast, 440 Hz music did not have the same calming effects.

Stress and anxiety raise cortisol levelswhich, when high, can also cause brain fog. With this in mind, Kimberly was curious to see if listening to 432 Hz music in bed would help her fall asleep, lower her cortisol levels, and ease her lingering COVID brain fog.

How 432 Hz Music Cured Kimberly’s Insomnia

Hopefully Kimberly decided to give it a try. She disabled all notifications on her phone and searched for 432Hz music for sleep on YouTube, then tuned into a channel that plays sleep-frequency music for 10 hours straight. (Her favorites: “Healing sleep music” and “The best sleep music.”) She put her phone on her dresser, jumped into bed and was soon rocked to sleep.

When Kimberly opened her eyes, she was stunned to see that it was 6 in the morning. She felt fully rested and more energetic than she had been in years. And that day, for the first time since I had COVID more than a year earlier. In fact, Kimberly hasn’t misplaced anything, forgotten anyone’s name, or lost her train of thought.

And while she knows 432 Hz music won’t necessarily cure long-term COVID, it helped her fall asleep. And good sleep makes all the difference when it comes to healing and support healthy brain function.

Kimberly has been practicing music frequency therapy ever since. “I’m so happy to have found such an easy and comfortable solution—one that’s free and has no negative side effects,” she beams. “I feel great!”

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This content is not a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Always consult your doctor before following a treatment plan.

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s world.

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