FDA approves 2nd over-the-counter version of Narcan

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Food and Drug Administration approved another drug to combat the ongoing opioid overdose crisis. It is an over the counter version of Naloxone called Revive. You don’t need a prescription to buy it.

Kasey Dille has reached the other side of drug addiction. She has been clean for the past six years and no longer abuses prescription pills.

“So many people think addiction is a disease. No it’s not. It’s much deeper than that. There are so many underlying issues with why a person uses in the first place, whether it’s abuse, neglect, rejection,” said Dille, who is the executive director of Teen Challenge Rehab.

Over 19 million American adults struggle with substance abuse, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Opioid addiction is the most prevalent.

Dille is now the CEO of Teen Challenge rehab after beating her own addiction. She experienced firsthand how drugs like Narcan, which reverse opioid overdoses, can save someone’s life.

“For me, I was in addiction for over 10 years, and the last time I overdosed, they used Narcan to save my life. And I’m thankful for that,” Dille said.

Rivive is expected to be on the shelves next year. It is expected to sell for $36.

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