PlayStation Classic flops on Steam despite strong reviews

Released: 2023-07-30T16:15:38

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Sony released ‘Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’ on Steam on July 26 and only reached 8757 concurrent players. This charts well below other PlayStation PC ports.

Sony has continued to dominate the console wars with its direct competition from Microsoft’s Xbox, both of which have shared similar hardware, games and thus customers.

Microsoft recently acquired Activision Blizzard, further strengthening its overall game arsenal, such as console leader Call of Duty. This has ultimately put more pressure on Sony, as Microsoft has historically always been more dominant when it comes to all things PC related.

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In general, the company has struggled to achieve greater success for PC games, such as when Rift Apart was released on PC. The critically acclaimed brand Rachet & Clank has proven to be key for Sony for many years, with the latest PlayStation 5 release garnering huge critical acclaim and success.

Despite holding oneVery Positive’ 84% rating based on from 670 user reviews, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart according to SteamDB has only peaked with 8757 active users on July 26th, the day it launched. With numbers dropping even more in the days that followed, the game has shown no signs of reviving and is the third worst PC launch for the PlayStation.

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See below from PlayStation Studios the best games of the highest players at once on Steam:

  • God of War – 73,529K
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered – 66,436K
  • Horizon Zero Dawn – 56,557K
  • The Last of Us Part I – 36,496K
  • Days Gone – 27,450K

Why are Sony’s games flopping on PC?

Sony’s highest active players don’t even reach the top 100 on Steam, leaving the 100th-ranked game ‘Tom Clany’s The Division’ with a peak of 114,228 (via SteamDB).

Speculation about PlayStation’s failure has mainly revolved around the disastrous porting of games made for consoles being ported to PC. However, early reviews for Ratchet and Clank suggested this was not the case, with players praising the gameplay.

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Instead, the low sales figures have suggested that it is more along the lines of Sony’s strategies to win over new customers who are not familiar with PlayStation’s giant titles.

After a long history of success, the dominant console and game developer may have to rethink its PC launch strategy going forward if they plan to continue porting their exclusives to the platform.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is available now for PC and PS5 and to find out more about the game on PC follow the attached link.

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