Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been rated for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo went out with a bang in the previous Direct with the unveiling of its new platform game, Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

It will be released on the Switch in October, and before its release, the North American classification board will The ESRB has recently rated this upcoming release. Unsurprisingly, it’s ‘E’ for everyone and contains some mild fantasy violence, with a reference to “in-game purchases” on Switch also mentioned.

Perhaps most exciting of all, however, is the game’s official rating sheet, which reveals what else players can expect from Mario’s new adventure, as well as the return of his arch-nemesis Bowser. Here is the summary in its entirety:

“This is a platform game where players control characters from the Mario universe as they try to stop the villain Bowser. Players traverse whimsical environments while jumping on enemies’ heads, throwing shells/objects at them, or throwing small fireballs to knock them out . Boss battles feature more involved battles against giant enemies that breathe fire and smash parts of the landscape.”

Super Mario Bros. The Wonder arrives on October 20th this year, so at least this confirms it’s well and truly on track for its planned launch. It follows the ESRB’s assessment Sonic Superstars last week, with Sega’s game rumored to launch around the same time as Nintendo’s new Mario title.

You can learn more about Super Mario Bros. Wonder in our previous Nintendo Life coverage:

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