The Overwatch 2 duel ends after both players realize they are too weak to land a shot

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Two Overwatch 2 players walk away from a duel after realizing they can’t land a shot like Ana.

Some Overwatch 2 players require people to have incredible precision to hit opponents. For example, users need excellent aim to play as Hanzo and Widowmaker.

Aside from damaging characters, you also need the abilities to accurately heal teammates like sniper Support Ana. In addition to healing, Ana can snipe enemies and put the opposing team to sleep with a well-placed arrow. Her kit requires more mechanical skills than most other support heroes.

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In this case, two Anas become involved in a heated duel, but the faceoff has an unexpected ending. Here’s what happened.

Overwatch 2 Ana players give up trying to kill each other

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A Reddit user posted a clip of two Anas engaged in battle on Overwatch subreddit. The video showed two Anas dueling, doing their absolute best to hit each other.

However, both players continued to miss. Repeatedly. And over. And over…

In the end, they accepted their fate, greeted each other and went their separate ways. Only for the OP to walk a few feet away before dying to a widow maker.

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“Just, we’re both equally s**t, let’s just move on. It’s okay, I do the exact same thing in games,” one player wrote.

“I love it when we both suck so much we just stop fighting,” another user noted.

“Teammate: Why are there no heals!????? Your main healer: I’m just going to relax here with my mirror,” joked a third player.

Ana mains recently complained to Blizzard about nerfing the character again in a mid-season patch. According to Overwatch League Stats LabHowever, this sniper/healer is still the most picked support hero despite these nerfs.

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While Ana may currently be the most popular Support pick, it’s uncertain if anything will change after the debut of Season 6’s new Support hero.

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