Alan Dershowitz claims that Obama would only come to Martha’s Vineyard for his 75th birthday

By Nikki Schwab, Senior US Political Reporter for

03:10 01 August 2023, updated 03:17 01 August 2023

  • Attorney Alan Dershowitz told Charlie Kirk Monday about being disqualified from defending former President Donald Trump
  • He said that ‘people have lost all sense of decency when it comes to having different views’ and characterized liberals as being particularly bad
  • Dershowitz then recalled how a decade ago President Barack Obama refused to come to his birthday party because Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera was invited

Attorney Alan Dershowitz revealed Monday that President Barack Obama would only attend his 75th birthday if he disinvited Fox News Channel host Geraldo Rivera.

Dershowitz, who represented President Donald Trump during his first impeachment trial, appeared on The Charlie Kirk Show and talked about how he has been treated by liberal friends for continuing to side with the former president.

He told the conservative Kirk that his defense of Trump ‘cost me a lot’, arguing that ‘people have lost all sense of decency when it comes to having different views’ and characterizing those on the left as being particularly petty.

Dershowitz said that for his 75th birthday in 2013, “President Obama was invited and he said he would come, but then when he heard that Geraldo Rivera was also invited, his office basically said, unless you disinvite Geraldo Rivera, I’m not coming. ‘

‘And I’m a loyal guy, I told the President of the United States no, Geraldo Rivera is coming, you can stay away, and the President of the United States stayed away from my 75th birthday because I invited Geraldo Rivera,’ Dershowitz recalled.

Attorney Alan Dershowitz appeared on The Charlie Kirk Show Monday and said President Barack Obama refused to attend his 75th birthday party 10 years ago because he had invited Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera
President Barack Obama

The former OJ Simpson and Harvey Weinstein lawyer added that he ‘would do it every day of the week.’

‘I believe in loyalty. I believe in friendships. I don’t agree with Geraldo on everything, but he’s my friend, so of course I invited him to my 75th birthday, and I’m inviting him to my 85th birthday,’ Dershowitz continued.

The lawyer turns 85 on 1 September.

Like the Obamas, Dershowitz is a regular on Martha’s Vineyard, but talked about how he’s been shunned lately.

‘My former friends on the radical left, one of them was walking yesterday on the beach and he saw me coming and he took a sharp right turn, went up to the top of the dunes, I thought he was going to fall off to avoid even seeing me — and that’s how it is today,” Dershowitz said.

‘And the library has canceled me, my synagogue has canceled me. The assembly house has dismissed me. The book show on Martha’s Vineyard – I’m probably the best-selling author on Martha’s Vineyard and they canceled me,’ he continued.

“It’s just that they don’t want to hear opposing views – it’s not liberal – it’s called progressive, but it’s regressive,” the lawyer added.

At another point in the show, Dershowitz told Kirk that he still thinks he’s a liberal.

He noted how he supports gay rights, abortion, gun control and environmental protection within reason.

But he still thought Trump got a raw deal.

Dershowitz pushed for all legal proceedings against the former president to be put on hold until after the 2024 presidential election.

“There should not be a trial that takes place during the election. It really constitutes — whether intentional or not — election interference,’ Dershowitz argued.

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