Bright flashing ‘X’ sign removed from the San Francisco building that was Twitter’s headquarters

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A brightly flashing “X” sign has been removed from the San Francisco headquarters of the company formerly known as Twitter, days after it was installed.

The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection said Monday it received 24 complaints about the unpermitted structure over the weekend. Complaints included concerns about its structural safety and lighting.

The Elon Musk-owned company, which has been renamed X, had removed the Twitter sign and iconic blue bird logo from the building last week. That work was temporarily paused because the company did not have the necessary permits. For a while, the “is” at the end of “Twitter” remained up because of the abrupt stop of the sign.

The city of San Francisco had opened a complaint and launched an investigation into the giant “X” sign, which was installed Friday atop the downtown building as Musk continues his rebrand of the social media platform.

The chaotic reshuffling of Twitter’s building signage is similar to the haphazard way the Twitter platform is morphing into X. While the X logo has replaced Twitter on many parts of the site and app, remnants of Twitter remain.

Representatives for X did not immediately respond to a message for comment Monday.

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