Parasite outbreak hit Texas, list of symptoms and how to avoid it

Being sick or not feeling well can be miserable. Often you are drained of energy and all you want to do is get back to feeling better again. But you have to be very careful as there is a parasite that has hit Texas and is causing a lot of discomfort.

The parasite is called Cyclospora, it has been traced to a total of 31 states including Texas. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are 581 people who have acquired the parasite cyclosporiasis since April 1St2023. The true number who have been infected with the parasite is actually much higher than this, but this number has been confirmed through medical visits and tests.

Good news

As the number of cases continues to rise in Texas and across the country, the good news is that no one has died from this parasite. But there have been 55 hospitalizations and the parasite has been confirmed in patients aged 3 to 96.

Photo courtesy of CDC

Photo courtesy of CDC

What should you do to avoid the parasite?

The disgusting part of this parasite is that it is contracted by eating food or drinking water contaminated with feces. There were about 20 cases linked to raw broccoli in Alabama and Georgia, but cases in that area appear to be declining recently.

What are the symptoms

It’s never fun to hear about symptoms of a parasite, but that’s the unfortunate reality of the situation. Those who test positive for the parasite report symptoms including watery diarrhea, loss of appetite, cramps, bloating, increased gas, nausea and fatigue. The symptoms can last for several weeks up to a month or more.

Photo courtesy of CDC

Photo courtesy of CDC

What should you do for treatment?

If you have symptoms or think you may have Cyclospora, see your doctor to get tested and see what treatment options are available.

Texas is currently number 2n.d highest number cyclosporiasis with between 61-90 reported cases. New York has about the same number of cases being reported, but Colorado leads the country with between 91-120 cases being reported.

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