Defense Department confirms North Korea responded to outreach on Travis King

North Korea has responded to outreach regarding Private Travis Kingthat crossed into the DPRK in July, according to the Pentagon, marking what appears to be the US’s first public acknowledgment of Pyongyang’s response to King’s situation.

The US communicated through established channels after King crossed from South Korea to North Korea, but had been waiting for a response from the North for several weeks.

“There was the initial release of the information and this was essentially an acknowledgment by the government of the DPRK that yes, we have received your request for information,” said Pentagon press secretary Brig. General Patrick Ryder told reporters on Tuesday.

The Pentagon used established channels with North Korea on it United Nations Command to make the requests for reg.

“I can confirm that the DPRK has responded to the UN command, but I don’t have any significant progress to read,” Ryder said. He did not say when North Korea sent the response.

King crossed into North Korea in July after breaking away from a group tour of the demilitarized zone. He was scheduled to return to the United States for separation from the Army after serving time in a South Korean detention center for assaulting two South Koreans and kicking a patrol car.

He was escorted to the commercial airport outside Seoul, but said goodbye to his escort at customs. Going through customs, King skipped the flight and found his way to a ride instead.

Army counterintelligence is conducting a joint investigation with US Forces Korea into King’s actions, the Pentagon said in July.

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