Grand Canyon bus crash: 1 dead, over 50 injured after bus overturns in Arizona


One person died and more than 50 people were injured after a bus overturned at Arizona’s Grand Canyon on Tuesday morning, local emergency officials said.

A total of 57 people were involved in the crash, which occurred at Grand Canyon West just before 10 p.m. 10, Hualapai Emergency Operations said in a news release.

Eight people were flown to nearby hospitals, according to the release, and those with non-critical injuries were taken by ground transport.

The rollover happened inside the Grand Canyon Resort Corp Circle in Terminal 1, officials said.

Grand Canyon West is located in the Hualapai Reservation on the western rim of the canyon in Arizona.

The Hualapai Nation Police Department and the Arizona Department of Public Safety are investigating the death, the release said.

CNN has reached out to police for more information about the incident.

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