Reports point to the identity of Co-Conspirator 6 in the Trump Indictment

The email, sent on December 7, 2020 and reviewed by The New York Times, was from Mr. Epshteyn to Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Giuliani’s son, Andrew, and had the subject line “Attorneys for Electors Memo.” It says, “Dear Mayor, as noted below are the attorneys I would recommend for the voter choice memo,” and it goes on to identify attorneys in seven states.

Paragraph 57 of the indictment states that Co-conspirator 1, Mr. Giuliani, “spoke with Co-conspirator 6 regarding attorneys who could assist in the fraudulent election efforts in the affected states” and received an email from Co-conspirator 6 that “identified attorneys in Arizona , Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”

Those are the seven states in the email Mr. Epshteyn sent to Mr. Giuliani, which was reviewed by The Times. The existence of the email from Mr. Epshteyn does not rule out the possibility that someone else sent Mr. Giuliani a similar note.

Todd Blanche, a lawyer for Mr. Epshteyn, declined to comment, as did Peter Carr, a spokesman for special counsel Jack Smith. Mr. Blanche also represents Mr. Trump in the two federal charges against him.

The indictment also says that co-conspirator 6 participated in a conference call arranged by Mr. Trump’s campaign with pro-Trump voters in Pennsylvania, a state won by Joseph R. Biden Jr. When voters expressed concern about agreeing to the plan, -conspirator 1, Mr. Giuliani, “falsely assured them that their certificates would be used only if” Mr. Trump to fight the election in court, according to the indictment.

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