How to Hatch a Sniffler in Minecraft 1.20

The Sniffler is a new passive mob added in Minecraft 1.20. This friendly creature does not spawn naturally and must be hatched from an egg.

The Sniffler is a brand new passive mob introduced in Minecraft 1.20 which is quite rare to find. For each major update, fans are asked to vote for a new creature to add to the game. The 2022 crowd vote ended in a landslide victory for the Sniffler. This imposing and friendly creature looks like a yak with grass covering its back. Unlike other passive mobs, such as chickens or pigs, the Sniffler does not spawn naturally Minecraft.

As players explore to enchant their armor Minecraft, they can find unique items in the overworld. One such discovery in version 1.20 is a Sniffler egg. These brand new objects can only be found using the new brush tool. The Trails and Tales update focuses on archeology and discovery. For this reason you will not find these creatures around the world. To find a Sniffler Egg, you need to learn how to use the brush tool and identify the correct block.

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How to find a snuff egg

You must have the Trails and Tales update installed before running the brush Minecraft. You can craft the tool using a feather, a copper ingot, and a stick. To use the brush, select it from your inventory and then right-click on any block to use it. However, this will have no notable effect except on suspect sand. You can locate this block by looking in a Hot ocean ruin. Suspicious sand will have a different consistency than normal sand and possibly contains a snuff egg. You will have to be lucky and use the brush on the block, but there is only one 6.7% chance to get Sniggler’s egg.

How to hatch (and raise) a Sniffler

Minecraft Torch Flower

To hatch a Sniffler egg, place it down and wait 20 minutes in real life for the mob to hatch. If positioned on a Moss block, this process takes only 10 minutes. Also, once you have two adult Snifflers, you can feed them Cornflower seeds to make them reproduce, similar to the Axolotoli Minecraft. This brand new implant was also introduced in version 1.20. Sniffers will occasionally sniff the soil and dig up Torchflowers. Refine into seeds to repopulate the world with these ancient mobs Minecraft.

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