More technological equipment for the IES Felipe de Borbón

The Felipe de Borbón de Ceutí institute obtained 5,000 euros in technological equipment for its classes through the participation of a group of students together with their teacher in the ‘Junior Esports’ competition, specifically in the League of Legends game. The awards ceremony has been held in recent years at the education center.

The students of the Ceutiense school were part of one of the teams of the sixth season of the ‘Junior Esports’ project, where they participated in the League of Legends match, where they obtained the title and proclaimed themselves champions of Spain.

‘Junior Esports’ is a project, supported by brands such as Intel and Varta, which promotes the use of video games as a working tool for teachers and a source of motivation for students. Furthermore, it is based on a set of 16 core values, including inclusion, sportsmanship and commitment. Furthermore, this project is supported by the National Police Cybersecurity Group (C1b3rWall), the Fundación ONCE and the Asociación Española de Videojuegos (AEVI).

The new season begins

The seventh edition of ‘Junior Esports’ is underway and students across Spain will be able to participate in online League of Legends, Brawl Stars and Rocket League tournaments. The best teams of this season will compete in the play offs to personally win the champion title in the grand final.

Furthermore, “Junior Esports” will be present at “Gamergy 2023”, the largest eSports, video gaming and entertainment event in the country, which will take place from 15 to 17 December in Ifema (Madrid).

Another novelty will be the prize that will be distributed in this edition. ‘Junior Esports’ will offer a prize pool made up of technological material and worth 10,000 euros, which will be distributed among the educational centers championing each game for the digitalisation of classes.

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