Over 2,300 pesos for two Frappuccinos

A Cuban TikToker showed on his network a new private gastronomic business opened in Havana, which copies the famous American coffee chain Starbucks, which has more than 35,000 stores in 70 countries.

starbucks logo

Jonixados went to Starcafé, located in Old Havana, where he had to pay more than 2,300 pesos just to have two Frappuccinos, a true luxury for most of the population.

The young man said he went to get coffee and was served a plastic cup with a absorbent material and his name written on it, to “make it look” like he was at an original Starbucks.

“And that was the cost of the two Frappuccinos we ordered, which is the equivalent of $9.62 or euros,” he questioned.

The YouTuber shared the prices of other products, which range from 250 pesos for an espresso coffee, 350 pesos for a lemonade, 2,100 pesos for a natural juice, a soft drink or a national beer, to 2,100 pesos for a Starcafe breakfast. Including a croissant. Cereals with Nutella or ham and cheese, with juice, coffee and yogurt.

The logo of Havana’s Starcafé, which opened in October, is practically identical to the original, with the only difference being the name and the mermaid wearing a yare hat instead of a crown and having maracas in her two tails.

Located on Compostela Street between Chacón and Cuartales, this establishment promises on its social networks that it will become a favorite of customers due to “its quality/price/service ratio”, which is difficult to believe, considering that The minimum wage set in 2021 with monetary regulation is 2,100 pesos.

“Come so you can taste the best coffee in Havana,” the business promotes in another publication.

This Cuban coffee shop completely mimics its prices, which when converted to dollars and euros are the same as the original Starbucks, with the difference that Cubans get paid in CUPs, not those currencies .

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