AV: Smart ring designed to monitor women’s well-being and health with AI

women’s Health were in the news since AV ring presentation During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held from May 9 to 12, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. it Smart ring monitors women’s health (including menstrual cycle) Thanks to the interpretation of biological data specific to women and technology based on Artificial Intelligence.

This women’s health device was developed by the American company Movano Health. And although at first it may seem like just another smart watch, the difference is It is 100% focused on female biology, based on research on your biometric data. Furthermore, its design was the result of interviews with over 1,000 women, with whom its creators consulted What were they looking for in a gadget? So that it is perfect for them.

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Available in three colors, the ring is simple but very beautiful. To start using it, you need to connect it to your cell phone through its mobile application via Bluetooth. However, it is Powerful Properties You Should Know,

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it is adjustable

Although there is a smart ring to monitor women’s health Available in sizes 5 to 12, is adjustable at all times. Movano Health takes fluid retention during our period into account Your fingers can adapt to changes in shape caused by menstruationHormonal changes and other factors.

it is durable

their Materials are resistant to water, scratches or scuffsSo you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged if you use it continuously.

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more accurate data

Unlike men, women have smaller fingers, so for example, smart watch measurements may differ from reality. AV uses Very sensitive, medical grade sensorthat helped improve data, Plus, it has bright LED lights that optimize your blood flow readings. Of course, with this Smart ring will give you more accurate information,

Shows you your daily performance

Unlike the general data that smart watches provide, such as your activity, heart rate, distance traveled, among others, AV Smart Ring gives you reports of your daily performance, At the end of the day it shows you Create graphs with your activity and recovery moments, It also tells you if you’ve gotten enough sleep and how you’re progressing toward your goals. All on one screen!

Data analysis for women only

Developers reckon this new smart device for girls can read specific factors like your hormonal changes, Then, with the help of artificial intelligenceCan tell you how your health is, not only in general, but what makes your health worse mood, your energy, the quality of your sleep and activities,

If the data shows a bad mood or you are close to menstruation, it will show important data about what is happening in your body, as well as tips to modify your routine and feel better.

Hopefully in the coming months AV can give you better information about your health during your menstrual cycle And additional data. Additionally, the developers also want to use AI to inform you about how your period is affecting both your mood, sleep, and energy in general. They also look for you to be capable Share your smart ring data with your doctor,

AV Ring or Smart Ring wins award for monitoring women’s health CES Innovation Honorary Award 2024 During CES. It’s priced at $269, available in gold, rose gold, and silver. At the moment its application is only compatible with Apple iOS systems.

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