A Cuban mother, barely 21 years old, was murdered in Nuevitas

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Thursday 18 January 2024

Young Cuban Talia Labanido Figueiredo, just 21 years old, was allegedly murdered by her former partner, Yendry Rodríguez, in Nuevitas, Camagüey.

A report by the independent media “La Hora de Cuba” indicates that the deceased was a native of the municipality of “Guimaro” and that a month ago he had separated from Yendry, who had already been arrested by the authorities.

Neighbors of Talia’s family indicated that “the young woman is currently being held in her home on Avenida de los Martires, between C. Peña and Juan Canino, in Guamaro.”

“Another source told our media under anonymity that Yendri, a native of Sibanique, arrived at Talia’s grandparents’ house in Guamaro yesterday afternoon at around 3:00 pm looking for her. Unable to find her and discovering through other means that she was in Nuevitas, he arrived in that coastal municipality around 7:00 pm. Me”, the media noted.

Meanwhile, he said that “the murder took place after that hour, because the body was found at night by a friend – a resident of the house in Nuevitas where Talia was – and it had 12 knife wounds. The alleged killer fled and the police captured him on the outskirts of Nuevite Municipality.

According to the same source, the reason for the murder was jealousy, as Talia was planning to go to the beach during these days.

The young woman’s family includes “a girl who is now orphaned as a result of gender-based violence.”

It is the second case reported in Camagüey state this year, following the murder of Diana Rosa Cervantes Mejias on January 2.

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