Cuban Independent defeated the Sharks

Historic, there is no other adjective to describe what was experienced in this Demi Meneri Baseball Field of ,Miami Dade College North Campus, A team of Cubans, united by FEPCUBEThey played the first game in their history and finished it with a close 3×2 win.

For the first time, a group of Cuban baseball players united to form a team without the mediation of the Cuban Baseball Federation. his rivals were miami dade sharks collageWho played it as if it were an official tournament, also with Cuban prominence.

The Sharks got a standout start from young Villa Clara native Ervis Solis, going five innings. The left-hander had only one hit and two other players reached base due to a walk.

By Cuban Independent Team FEPCUBEAvila right-hander Pedro Acamendia started and worked the first two innings without a hit, with a walk and a strikeout.

The emotional moment of the night came with the entrance of the box Edilberto Oropesa. The 54-year-old former big leaguer came to pitch in the top of the third inning and retired his first opponent with three pitches with incredible control. He repeated the dose to Cuba’s Maicol Pérez and with two strikeouts and tears of emotion, this historic pitcher of Cuban exile retired.

The match remained tied at zero during the first five innings. Even the Cubans’ first hit came in the fifth inning thanks to an infield hit by pinch-hitter Luis Medina.

their’s miami dade He took command at the top of that sixth episode and did so quickly. McCol Pérez was hit by a pitch and then stole second and third, finally scoring on a wild pitch. Villa Clara players also had a few hits in the game.

FEPCUBE Cuban team reacts in Miami Dade

Cuban team reaction FEPCUBE It came early. They responded in the sixth with a run thanks to a double by Eddie Diaz, a walk to Alejandro Rivero, a ground ball to Andy Martin and a ground ball to Victor Mesa Jr.’s double play.

The Cubans extended the lead in the lucky seven and here they struck with greater consistency. Las Rivera started the inning with a ticket. Then Luis Aviles Jr. singled to left field, walked Andy Martin and gave up a two-run RBI home run by Marcos Romero.

their’s miami dade He continued to play and in the eighth he took advantage of reliever Ralph Vazquez’s lack of control and scored. Jeremy Garcia started the inning with a ticket. Kerry Brown hit a double and made the second bye for the varsity team.

independent cuban team FEPCUBE Won by minimum margin against a group of miami dade Who gave themselves till the end and gave an exciting match from beginning to end.

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