Winning start! Barcelona SC defeated Sporting Cristal by a narrow margin in their first friendly match of 2024. football | game

Barcelona SC managed to pass its first test and beat Sporting Cristal 1–0 in a friendly duel held in Miami, United States. The team, led by Diego López, won the match with a free kick from Damien Diaz in the first half of the match.

He kitu He launched a cross from the left side of the field which was not touched by any player and the goalkeeper divine instrument He could not stop the goal. With this advantage, the Canaries went on to top the results

Barcelona SC: This is how the yellow team will prepare for the friendly duel against Sporting Cristal

This commitment led to the introduction of Aníbal Chala and Franklin Guerra on the defensive line, who broke out as starters. In addition, Mathias Suárez and Dixon Arroyo also added their first minutes as yellow players.

Channels and schedules to watch the friendly match of Barcelona SC Vs. Sporting Crystal

Sporting Cristal did not manage to convert dangerous play into goals and they did not manage to tie the action. Guayaquil managed to maintain the team’s defense and Víctor Mendoza, who entered in the second half, kept the score undefeated, as did Javier Burei.

The lead remained 1–0 at the end of the match and the Toreros won their first friendly match of the preseason.

Barcelona will continue training in the North American region and their next exhibition match will be against New York City FC of Major League Soccer (MLS).

The American team confirmed the match against Astillero Club through its social networks. “New York City FC will begin its 2024 preseason friendly schedule on Wednesday, January 24 against Barcelona SC of Ecuador,” the team announced on its official channels. (D)

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