A man won $400,000 using his Xbox 360, but was eventually caught by the FBI

Anthony Viggiano used console chat to make fraudulent investments. (pictorial image infobae)

From his Xbox 360, a man managed to amass a fortune of over $400,000 and he did so not as a professional video game player or by developing an important title, but by leveraging his knowledge as an investment analyst . Something that led to his capture by American authorities.

Anthony Viggiano is the protagonist of this curious fact, Including fraudulent financial operations and use of chat a consolation which was released 19 years agoWhich is used by very few people now.

Along with his childhood friends, Christopher Salamone and Stephen Forlano, Viggiano managed to obtain over $400,000 through fraudulent financial operations. The strategy was to leverage confidential information from Goldman Sachs to make investments.

The FBI, in charge of the investigation, has revealed that the fraudulent transactions were related to the purchase of ChannelAdviso. Despite the best efforts of the authorities Recovering the audio of a 26-year-old man’s conversation with his teammates via Xbox 360 voice chat appears to be an impossible task at the momentAccording to the agency.

Anthony Viggiano used console chat to make fraudulent investments. (Xbox)

Although they also used Instagram chat, email, and encrypted messaging systems, Xbox 360 voice chat became the key to avoiding being tracked, as it leaves no trace of conversations.

This tool was first included in Microsoft devices thanks to this console that was launched 19 years ago, but which is currently discontinued and is not supported by Xbox.

So, according to the conversations found by authorities, Viggiano said that “XBOX 360 chats cannot be traced. Good luck finding it.”

Although Viggiano’s tactics allowed him to remain unnoticed for several weeks, his method did not prevent him from attracting the attention of the FBI, who were eventually able to find out the details of the case and capture him along with Salamone and Forlano.

On the other hand, console chat is still active due to the large number of sales of the device. ToHowever Microsoft has announced the closure of the Xbox 360 online store by July 2024, which will allow users to connect and play online as long as the title developer continues to support that server. Something that will not affect chat, since that is a function independent of the console.

However, The Vigiano case is an example of how services of the past lack protection and are left in oblivion, Companies leave the door open to illegal activities or activities that are not within the framework of using the basic service.

Microsoft will shut down the Xbox 360 Store in July 2024, although previously purchased titles can be played. (Xbox)

Although current Microsoft consoles have a subscription service called Game Pass, which provides access to a catalog of games for a monthly subscription, it is also possible to get free titles without paying that monthly fee. To do this you need to follow these steps:

1. With the console turned on, go to the Microsoft Store.

2. Go to the Popular Free Games section.

3. Select a game from the list and open it.

4. Click on the Install button.

The download button on Xbox is marked as ‘*Free’ or ‘*Free’, it means that we can download the game at no cost. Furthermore, most of these titles do not require additional subscriptions to play online, a condition already in place.

Some of the options that can be installed are Fortnite, Roblox, Call of Duty: Warzone, eFootball 2024, Rocket league, Fall Guys, and Disney Speedstorm.

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