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UNRWA chief says death toll from bombing of UN shelter in Khan Yunis rises to 12

Clouds of smoke covered Gaza’s Khan Yunis on Monday. (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

The death toll from the bombing of the UN shelter in Khan Yunis has risen to 12, UNRWA Director Thomas White said in a statement on Thursday.

Another 75 people were injured, White said, 15 of them in critical condition.

Part of the UNRWA training center, which houses thousands of people, was hit by two projectiles and caught fire, White said.

White said UN staff managed to reach the site west of Khan Yunis on Wednesday night after being denied access on several occasions.

“The ongoing attacks on civilian sites in Khan Yunis are completely unacceptable and must stop immediately,” White said.

According to an IDF statement, the Israeli Defense Forces have “for now” denied that any air or artillery strikes by Israeli forces have hit UN facilities.

“After examining our operational systems, the IDF currently denies that this incident was the result of an IDF air or artillery attack,” the statement said.

The IDF said that “a comprehensive review of the operations of forces in the surrounding area is underway,” adding that it was “investigating the possibility that the attack was the result of Hamas fire.”

Some background: Over the past week, the IDF has intensified its offensive on Khan Yunis, where medical facilities for displaced civilians and health workers have been hit. The IDF says Hamas terrorists are present in hospitals in the area.

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