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Create Spider-Man’s Miles Morales suit in Minecraft

The Java Edition of Minecraft has recently received an exciting new “Armor Snip” feature. The most recent Minecraft Java snapshot, version 23w04a, has redesigned the Smithing Table and added 11 new Armor Snips. And a Minecraft player decided to use his creativity to recreate the iconic costume of spider-man of …

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Fan creates cool Team Rocket fan art by hand

a fan of Pokemon has drawn a great fan art with Jessie Y James of Team Rocket. The franchise’s animated series introduced quite a few original characters, some of whom have appeared in the games. The Pokémon anime gave gamers a lot of faces to warm to that they might …

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Cool Pokemon Fan Art Fuses Beedrill With Magnemite

A Pokémon fan art has merged two of the iconic creatures to create an amazing, if slightly hideous, new pocket monster. The image in question merges beedrill Y Magnemite into something resembling a robotic insect. It is one of many pieces of fan art of Pokemon that can be found …

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