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How to create a copper sword brush and feathers?

The most recent update of Minecraft, version 1.20, is fast approaching and will bring players some new mobs, blocks, biomes and features. Among which the recently announced Archeology stands out, which in turn adds hidden treasures that can be discovered with the help of a new tool: the Brush. From …

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minimum and recommended requirements for PC

Since its inception, gamers have found in the franchise Minecrafta creative way of performing all kinds of scenarios, which is why its cultural impact has been so great that even almost 12 years later, it continues to be popular among gamers and streamers worldwide. And now, Mojang is about to …

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Minecraft fan has been creating desert wonders for 9 years

A player has made fans go back in time with his impressive construction of desert wonders through the voxel-based world of Minecraft. In a game where the player is only limited by their imagination, this is the latest in a long line of impressive builds within Minecraft, Mojang’s genre-defining hit. …

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