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Season 1 actress can return in 3; understand

According to actress Connie Britton, she talked to Mike White about returning in season 2 of The White Lotus, but it didn’t happen Created, written and directed by mike white, The White Lotus changed practically the entire cast when it went to the second season, keeping only Jennifer Coolidge (Tanya …

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Egyptian lawyer sues Netflix over serial black Cleopatra

Release of the trailer for Queen Cleopatra portraying the former queen of Egypt as a black woman (played by actress Adele James) prompted an Egyptian lawyer to file a lawsuit against Netflix in his country. The production, which has Jada Pinkett Smith as executive producer, involves a documentary series that …

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Netflix to shut down DVD rental service after 25 years

Netflix will permanently shut down the service that started the company’s trajectory. From September 29, 2023it will no longer be possible rent DVDs through the company’s website. The confirmation came from the company itself during the disclosure of its most recent fiscal report. Despite appearing dated in streaming times, the …

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