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The devil is in the details

With this action RPG I have developed a new addiction. It is so accessible that it can function as a first contact with the ‘non-player’ sector. Miguel Bosé already said that “Don Diablo has escaped, you don’t know what he’s armed, be careful, I’ll say it just in case” and …

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What are the best pitches?

C.With spring appearing, opening the doors of a new month, we are faced with the same question as always: What should I play? While it is true that it never hurts to redo older titles and/or recycle our library, it is also true that it is always a pleasure to …

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What is cross-platform on Xbox and how can you activate it

A cross-platform video game is one that reaches multiple video game devices, such as consoles or PCs, but you may have heard the term “cross platform matches” and you don’t know what they mean. When someone talks about multiplatform games in video games, they mean the possibility of playing with …

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