Brendan Fraser helped crew collect salary after studio FAILED

Famous for his works in ‘The Mummy’, ‘George, King of the Forest’ and many other successes, Brendan Fraser returned with everything in Hollywood in the drama ‘The whale‘, which ended up earning him the oscar in Best Actor in the last Sunday.

After the epic feat, the inspiring stories around Fraser don’t stop there…

Now that the star’s name is back in the spotlight, his generosity is also being remembered by those who have already received his help.

In a post on Twitter, visual effects designer dave rand shared a moving account of his time working on ‘Journey to the center of the Earth‘, in 2007.

rand detailed how he and his team took a loss of $1.3 million for the job.

Take the time to watch:

#BrendanFraser he’s a fair guy. In November 2007, our paychecks stopped coming. I was the visual effects supervisor on ‘Journey to the center of the Earth‘ and worked for meteor studios, in Montreal, and was asked to convince my team to finish the film with the guarantee that we would all be paid overtime. We had a handful of scenes to finish. As soon as we finished our tasks, we were sent away. With two weeks to go before Christmas, we soon found out that there was no money and meteor was declaring bankruptcy. they owed us 1.3 million dollars.”

He tried to expose the situation through various media, without success.

To the Variety rejected it, saying that “as sad as it is, another VFX company going bankrupt wouldn’t be really interesting story at this point.”.

Desperate, rand tried to contact Fraser, who was the star and producer of the film. Or rather, he tried to get in touch with Fraser’s “friends”. According to rand, “they said they would tell him, but they didn’t”.

Finally, thanks to the gossip column Page Six, Fraser actually took notice of what was going on and called rand immediately.

“My phone rang and I heard a man’s voice, who said, ‘Yeah dave rand?’ I said: ‘Yes’, and the voice replied: ‘Here is Brendan Fraser, what the hell is happening?’ He had no idea that employees on my team weren’t getting paid. He listened carefully to my complaint, asked many questions and promised that he would call me regularly until this was resolved.”

Fraser insisted on starting a public campaign for the artist, starting with a complaint to the The Post.

After two years of fighting for their rights, the team received 80% than was due.

rand concluded the publication with the world’s most accurate statement:

Brendan Fraser he’s a fair guy.”

Check out the full post:

Remember the trailer for ‘The whale‘:

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