Brother of missing girl in Havana asks for help from transporters and motorists

Yoandri Marin of Cuba, brother of Missing girl in Havana For three weeks, he asked for help from drivers who are able to take the young Carildi Marin somewhere from December 14, this Wednesday.

“I ask every motorist or transporter who was able to see or transport my sister to a specific location since December 14, to call me personally if you wish.”Marin wrote on Facebook, who specified that the identity of the person providing any type of information would not be revealed.

“I just want to know about my sister’s activities so that I can know her whereabouts.”wrote Yoandri, who, in addition to repeating her telephone number (54291630) in search of some clues, stressed that the family is “very distressed” because it has been three weeks since they have heard from their sister.

Facebook capture/Yoandre Marin

In another publication made on Tuesday, Marin indicated that he had not said anything more about his sister “For research reasons”But clarified that she remains missing.

Facebook capture/Yoandre Marin

Carildi Marin – 24 years old and mother of a little girl – told Missing since 14th DecemberWhen he went to a party in Cerro Municipality in Havana, and never returned home.

In their desperation, the family is beginning to consider the possibility that Carildi – who lives in Paraga in Arroyo Naranjo – has left the country.

The girl’s brother also informed about this They received a call from Mexico with a ransom requestbut later concluded that it was an attempted “scam”.

Last week Yoandri Marin reiterated that the family will not give up in their efforts to find the girl He speculated about the possibility that Carildi was being captured for someone Against your wishes.

“Attention of all people to the concept on the hill. I am not ignorant of the situation and I know that my sister is being detained. All I ask is that whoever has it should release it, because we have already suffered enough. “She has a one-month-old daughter and the entire family is suffering from her disappearance,” the girl’s brother wrote on Facebook.

In the first days after she was reported missing, Yoandri Marín claimed to have received reports that her sister had reportedly been seen on more than one occasion in different areas of the municipality of Cerro – La Lechera or Esquina de Through Tejas – something that surprised many people. Internet users questioned whether this was a voluntary disappearance.

In recent months there have been frequent reports of disappearances of Cubans, as well as the publication of requests for help through social networks to obtain information, amid increasing violence in the country.

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